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My girl friend just left for South Africa for learning abroad. I'm not concerned about her being faithful, but I know that there is still a risk that she could become infected other ways. It's estimated that between 20- 40% of the adult population is infected with either HIV or full blown AIDS. For the most part, she will be in national parks, where I would assume the risk is much lower. But there will be about a month where she is in some of the larger cities. I know that HIV/AIDS is transmitted solely through bodily fluids, but I've also heard conflicting reports about transmission from mosquitoes. I also know that if she gets tested, the virus wouldn't necessarily show up. Basically my question is, being 99.9% sure that she won't engage in any sexual activities, how concerned should I be about potentially her contracting the disease, then spreading it to me?


Posted: 29 Sep 20:19


Mosquito's? No; they are big for West Nile Virus & for Malaria. It's through direct contact with body & blood products. Thus, the reason for Body & blood fluid precaution's need a infected person, portal for transmission ans a susceptible host. Then they even rank risk factors. I had a direct needle stick from a blood drawing Needle which is large bore by nature. He was definitely HIV +, there were no meds available, I bleed my finger ASAP (another nurse accidentally stuck me) and put it in bleach (means really not much but it was all we knew then) and I tested for years, over 10 & now 20 years and I am seronegative. TG!

I would think Brandye can add some insight to this...and the potential risks. This is what we are taught in the US.


Posted: 29 Sep 20:19

Mosquitoes in S. Africa carry a lot of stuff but HIV is not among them.Short of sex or working directly and intimately with infected persons, the risks are very, very low. The risks are much higher that she would be exposed to many other microbe borne diseases such as malaria. I am up on my vaccinations because of my work but would never hesitate to visit S. America. Or any other place, for that matter.


Posted: 29 Sep 20:20

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