OP: How long for my period to line up with the placebo pills?

My pack of pills (though I'm sure it's pretty much the same for all brands) has three weeks worht of pills with hormones, and then one week of 'blanks'. The last week is supposed to be when I get my period.

My question is: does that happen right away, or does it take time? This is my first month on the pills. According to the pattern of the past couple months, I would be expecting it on Feb. 19th, but the last row of pills starts on the 11th.

I say 'the last couple months' because it has only been semi-regular since November. Before that it was unpredictable, and fairly far between.

I am 18, almost 18, and using Ortho Tricyclen-lo. If you need anymore information, please ask.


Posted: 27 Sep 23:45


I am on that same pill
I start taking my last week (the blanks) on a sunday and I do not get my period till usually Wed... sometimes Tue.
So yea it wont just happen Sunday


Posted: 27 Sep 23:45

Demon gave you the answer. Let me just say that they are not really pretty much the same. Do not use the instructions for one pill for any other.


Posted: 27 Sep 23:45

i use them as well. i usually get my period three blank pills in. sometimes four. but it's different for everyone. if you're on birth control, it's not even really a full period, because the pills stop the blood build up in the uterus. its just a reaction to a sudden near-gone hormone exsistence. all the stuff you need to know is in the directions. good luck =)


Posted: 27 Sep 23:46

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