OP: Discharge from breasts normal?

so the woman I'm with now is 18 and I'm closer to 20,
so when we get all into the pleasuring each other I go to her nipples and suck on them and nibble and when I do this It feels like there is a discharge of milk coming out and It smells funny but She's not pregnant and never was.
So why when I suck on her nipples it feels like there's milk(doesn't taste like milk)coming out of them. Can anyone help me please? If they could me and my current lover would have more fun.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:46


The same thing happens to me too... help us out people :(q


Posted: 30 Sep 22:46

i found a forum on obgyn.net
someone had asked a similar question and here was the answer....

Hormonal control of lactation is complex, but the underlying problem with virtually all cases of milk production outside of breast feeding and pregnancy is an excess of a hormone called prolactin. Increased production of prolactin by the pituitary gland in the brain is fairly common and generally benign. It usually, but not always, responds to simple medical treatment. Persistent hyperprolactinemia can lead to infertility and cycle irregularities as well as the breast leakage.

William D. McIntosh, MD, FACOG


Posted: 30 Sep 22:46

Thank you oh so much
I think her cycle is unpredictable like it says, I should take her to see the doctor about it shouldn't I

Oh and besides her prolactin problem she always seems to be really excited about sex and always wants it. could this hormone be causeing that too?
Thanks for your help so far.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:47

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