OP: Car Sex Positions!

The first 12 car sex positions have now been published... https://sexinfo101.com/positions/car-sex

hope you like them!

Posted: 20 Feb 01:17


This will be useful

Posted: 23 Feb 22:41


Posted: 08 Mar 04:55

I found it interesting to see how many of them I have done. However none were in the back seat. I suppose you have to use your imagination here. The back seat is different, more options then doing it in a front bucket seat. I've had sooo much sex in the back seat with my first bf. Now at 26 I still look forward to doing it in the car, onlynparked in the garage ;-)

Posted: 12 Apr 13:51

One other point, your disclaimer, not to do any of this while driving. I'll bet a hell of a lot of us have given a bj or jerked our bfs off as he drove.

Posted: 12 Apr 14:01

Lots more for the car planned... The backseat requires a bit of a different process with layering, so I held off on them for the time being. It takes a few renders with different things invisible to get those coming out in a way my OCD can accept... :)

Posted: 12 Apr 18:42

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