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I'm not really sure where to put this but my husband really wants to know about this but he is in Iraq and can't access these kinds of sites (they are blocked). So I told him I would ask this for him.

First off, just out of curiosity he wants to know if it's normal to have to run to the bathroom after every time we have sex because if I don't everything will start leaking out of me and it's gross to deal with. We don't wear a condom, we're both in a healthy monogamous relationship, I'm on bc, and even if I did become prego we wouldn't regret it at all. After we get done all he wants to do is cuddle and me running to the bathroom with a paper towel between my legs isn't that romantic...lol

Second, we will be trying to concieve for sure in the future, after I get done with my degree. If we're trying to concieve, shouldn't I try to keep it all in there to mazimize the potential of getting preggo? But as soon as he gets limp it all comes gushing out anyways and it's always like we need hazmat suits and whatnot to try and keep it from getting all over the place. Are there any resources/books and stuff that anyone would recomend for people who are trying to concieve?

Thanks everyone! :)


Posted: 30 Sep 20:19


Although it feels like gallons, the ejaculation deposits about one tablespoon of semen into you. This is delivered in gelatinous form for effectiveness in moving 400 million sperm from his body to yours. This immediately begins to liquify and will all be clear liquid in about fifteen minutes. About one-half of the semen will be absorbed through your vaginal walls and enter your bloodstream; the other half drains out.

Depending upon your supply of natural lubrication, or whether you are a squirter, you may be contributing a bit as well. Usually there is not a huge amount of liquid to deal with. Keep a stack of finger towels on the bedside table. You can then put a small towel between your legs to control the tickles and remain there. You can go wash up if you wish a bit later.

Even with the drainage, there are still a few hundred million sperm swimming around inside you. If 100 women have unprotected sex for a year, 85 will become pregnant. If you have some difficulty conceiving, we recommend that you lie on your back with your hips raised on a small pillow. After his ejaculation he withdraws carefully and you remain on your back with legs and hips elevated for about twenty minutes or so. This reduces the drainage to a minimum. It also causes the semen to puddle right by your cervix giving the sperm access to your cervical os and into your uterus.

Put "getting pregnant" in google and you will likely get lots of books and sites on how to.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:20

i have the same problem, i end up with tissue between my legs alot of the time after sex unless im exceptionally tight, which isnt often.
Ive read about this too coz me and my fiance are sort of trying ourselves.
I try putting my legs right up against the wall and headboard whilst my back head and bum lie on bed giving my fiance cuddles. and i try not to tense my pelvis coz i can feel it move out. i stay there for a good 15 mins, sometimes longer sometimes less depending on how i feel.
ask ur bf to immediately withdraw after cumming to stop his penis pulling some out with him or disturbing it all.
Some people have said it helps if the woman cums a minute before the man so the uterus tenses and keeps the majority of the cum in.
But remember it has to come out eventually, theres nowhere for it all to go but out again.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:20

or have him clean up the mess when you're done.
my wife has the ability to hold most of it inside her for quite some time.
there have been times we've had sex, typically "in public" or when we have to return to an area where other people are around, and she'll make a comment 30-60 minutes later thats she can feel cum ozzing down her inner thigh, or into the crack of her ass. thats my signal to find someplace secluded to her her clean up.

she started doing kegal exersizes when she got divorced,(just before we met) as part of her masterbation "technique".

nothing to be ashamed about if you're leaking fluids after sex.

wide one

Posted: 30 Sep 20:20

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