OP: Wife wants to get implants...

Okay, here's the deal -- my wife is an A cup and has often told me she'd like to be larger. She told me once that she might consider breast enhancement surgery.

Now, I love the size that she is now (more concerned with shape and perkiness than size, personally), and I've told her that repeatedly. That seems to make her feel better, at least for a while, but she has continued mentioning it every so often.

You girls out there: Do I pursue this for her sake? Or does she just need more reassurance that she is beautiful and perfect the way she already is? I hate the thought of her going under the knife for it, especially if she thinks it's what all guys want.

Another option would be those removeable breast enhancement things you put in your bra (like "Curves"). But I don't know if that would really help her feel more confident/sexy, or just like a phony.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:22


Hey, it's her body, let her do what she wants with it.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:22

Well I can't relate to much to having small breast since I am a D cup. Which believe me has its own downfall. Namely, evil gravity.

My dream is to have a breast lift and get the girls back where they belong. But without winning the lottery that is not likely to happen so I buy bras that do the trick for me.

Now my hubby loves me just the way I am. I believe that now because he tells me constantly.

You are doing right in reassuring her that you love her just the way she is. We girls need lots of reminding all the time.

Now as to the inserts that could be a good idea for when the two of you go out and stuff. It can give her more confindence and looks from others which is always nice.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:22

I think the male equivalent of this is baldness. Just like that some find it attractive, others don't.

I think you are doing absolutely the right thing in telling your wife you love her just the way she is. But just like a man with thinning hair, it's personal perspective that matters.

I'd just keep telling her she's fine, but any final decision is her's.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:22

I certainly agree in principle with what's been said, although I'm less comitted to the idea that the "final decision is hers." I think in relationships important decisions get made together.

And, like so many decisions, the factors to be considered are not simply what the parties "want." In this case, I'd say the financial aspect is important (is it affordable, etc.) and the medical aspect is even more important (what are the risks, etc.).

I'd say do some research together...

But I'd also say that you might want to consider that she "mentions it every so often" simply because she enjoys the reassurance that your happy with her exactly the way she is. Women do that, right girls? LOL


Posted: 01 Oct 21:22

You are right, of course, WallyLlama. But it didn't sound to me like TexasGuy had major objections. He's just afraid she may want to do this to please him (or to be more attractive to other people). I guess what I meant was as long as he has no problem with her doing it for herself, the final decision is her's.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:23

That's correct, oberon. If she wants to do it for herself -- to feel more confident or etc. -- then I'll help raise the funds for the procedure. But I don't want her to do it because she mistakenly thinks I would prefer it or it would make her more of a woman. I am very happy with them right now but want her to be happy with them, too.

Incidentally, I suspect that a lot of the pressure that many women seem to feel to enlarge/enhance their breasts comes largely from other women -- not from men, as you might assume. I think most men are fine with any size or shape.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:23

I have a friend who wants to get her breasts enlarged in a few years when she can afford it. It's more of a self image thing for her. So I one hand I can see where she's coming from. If she decides to get it done. Do your homework and choose the right doctor!


Posted: 01 Oct 21:23

My Wife got implants, from a B Cup to a DD Cup, and I'm really happy.

They look 100% better. They're bigger and not saggy anymore. They've still got a natural tear drop as well.
O.P. If your wife gets bigger enhancements, you might enjoy it alot!

Posted: 15 Apr 13:30

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