OP: Having trouble ttc after miscariage

i had a miscarriage in May 2009 after being pregnant for 2 months, the doctor asked for a 6 months rest before trying again. so we waited, started trying again since December, no luck so far. any tips? any special sexual position i should know about?


Posted: 30 Sep 19:12


Try the Missionary position version with a pillow under you in order to increase the angle of your vagina. Wrap your legs around his shoulders and maintain the position for several minutes after ejaculation in order to prevent runoff and give the sperm plenty of opportunity to go where they need to.

Do you know which day you ovulate? If not learn how to recognize when this is happening. If so, have intercourse during this time and a day after.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:12

In all of the developed world, there are fertility clinics with specialists who do testing and advising (and helping) couples get pregnant. Usually referrals are not made to these until twelve or more months of serious trying have passed. We lesser physicians have some recommendation but they are not in the same league as fertility consultants.

1. Woman on her back with kness raised as far as comfortable.
2. After ejaculation, the man removes himself carefully to leaves as much semen as possible where it does its good.
3. Woman remains on her back with knees high (hips elevated) for twenty minutes or more.

One item overlooked is timing and frequency of sex. It takes a while for the male to recover after ejaculation and have his semen rich with sperm. Sperm lives in the woman's reproductive tract for up to four days (fine have been noted but not frequently), but it is disappearing at a rather rapid rate after about a day. Given all this, we recommend sex about every 48 hours from the end of your period until the beginning of the next. This means that there will be live viable sperm in the uterus, and fallopian tubes, for the entire month.

We also know that only one in four women who have sex during their egg's fertility period (about a day as it travels down the fallopian tube) has a successful pregnancy.

The next step up is to take your temperature first thing each morning - FIRST thing - before getting out of bed. A spike in the temperature indicates ovulation (so do some other things). Do a search on basal temperature technique, pregnancy. That will give you detailed guidance.

Two months of serious trying give no reason for alarm. Good luck.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:12

thanks a lot for the infos and advices, ill keep it in mind and try to stick to it next time we try.
this was very helpful
again thanks a lot for taking the time to write.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:13

The EEK Method

Every other night until he drops using the male superior position.

This requires he montiors his hydration, takes his vitamins, and carefully looks after his diet. On the non-sex nights he should get at least 8 hours of sleep. He should also cut back on his exercise at the gym as over-training will ruin his procreative efforts.

And I see no reason why you can't ENJOY this process. A few dozen orgasms would be delightful.

Once you are pregnant, you will require careful monitoring and bed rest to ensure you don't "slip" again.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:13

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