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I've been married to my wife for almost 11 years. She's older than me. We have two kids who are constantly around us. They follow us into our bedroom. Come in while my wife or I are getting a shower. We never have time alone. My wife says she wants sex and God knows I do as well. The problem is I'm always worried my kids especially our daughter will walk in. Locking the door is out of the question because she's a special needs child. I'm consistently in the mood, wanting and craving my wife. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her. But ultimately worried she'll turn me down ( there are times she tells me I'm tired, she's cold, or stressed from kids) so I reluctantly turn over and go to sleep. I want more sex with my wife. What can I do ?

Posted: 10 Jan 00:32


Dump the kids on grandparents, other relatives or even a child minder while you both have a day off work

Posted: 17 Jan 16:22

Look for family support for help with the kids, especially if one has special needs. As for increasing the chance of intimacy with your wife, I recommend talking about BOTH of your desires. Intimacy is more than just sex, remember women are more than just the act of sex. They need the emotional connection as well. So relaxing together and talking about more than the kids or daily life will bring you closer, and should increase your wife's desire for sex.

Posted: 30 Jul 10:51

expanding on MWM's post. you need to do non sex stuff together away from kids. So you have something to talk about. A movie, a new experience. just something.

Posted: 11 Jun 15:12

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