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I have a friend that lives down the street from me. We like to give each other special surprises but we arent bf/gf. My question is with swallowing. Does the same STD risks come into play if she were to swallow my semen? Does the risk change if she swallowed someone else soon after she did me? Is there no risk as long as she hasnt had sex with any other guy within a set perios of time? I really have no idea and want to know about what the risks are before I continue with her. Thanks


Posted: 28 Sep 20:15


Look around the site. This has been discussed in various ways. Any disease that can be transmitted genitally can also be transmitted orally. If she takes a mouthful of gonorrhea, she will end up with gonorrhea of the throat - not a pretty site. If she does another guy, he will end up with clap.

The only risk eliminated with oral sex is pregnancy; all the other risks are the same.


Posted: 28 Sep 20:15

"Does the same STD risks come into play if she were to swallow my semen?"

As Brandye said, you can get virtually any STD from oral sex. There are many STDs that can be spread on contact alone without any fluid exchange. I would guess that swallowing would not change the danger for you, but may put her at greater risk.

"Does the risk change if she swallowed someone else soon after she did me?"

She will be at greater risk of picking up a disease. If you have oral, vaginal or anal sex with her later, you will get any disease that guy had.

"Is there no risk as long as she hasnt had sex with any other guy within a set perios of time?"

NO! If she has ever contracted herpes, HIV, or any other incurable STD, she will have that disease for the rest of her life and will be able to transmit it to you. If you have any one of those diseases, you will have it for the rest of your life and will be able to transmit it to her or any other partner.

"If her and I are the only two currently interracting, however, are we at no risk of an STD. Assuming we are both clean, not doing anyone else, and she is swallowing. "

Yes, in this scenerio there is no risk. But if I were you, I would not assume that you are both clean. Or that she is not doing anyone else.

Whenever you have oral sex you should use a condom and a dental dam. However, keep in mind that these methods do not garentee that you--or she--are safe from STDs.

I am not just saying all this because I heard it in a sex ed class. I got herpes from oral sex when I was 17, and I am stuck with it for the rest of my life. You are participating in a very dangerous activity. Please try to learn more about it before you continue.


Posted: 28 Sep 20:16

Oral sex and intercourse are sort of the same thing.
If you or she has an STD it can be transmitted through the sharing of bodily fluids.

She can contract an STD from you,if you have one through oral sex. Such as herpes or aids or any of the other hundreds of std's out there. You can contract one from her (if she has one) just by her giving you oral sex. You're sharing body fluids.

There's ALWAYS a risk with everything. Especially sex.
You may want to look for a website that offers more on the issue. or ask your doctor.


Posted: 28 Sep 20:16

I appreciate your reply greatly, but I would like to extend my one question. When I said is there a set period of time before she is clean of having semen of another person, I meant this in that she had swallowed CLEAN, then waited a while, then swallowed me. If she did have an STD, would using a condom protect me from them all together? Also what diseases can be spread without fluid transition? Is there actually such a thing as SAFE (ORAL) SEX? Thanks again.


Posted: 28 Sep 20:17

Cheech, I do not know why you are trying to get some specific but unknowable answer. You put a penis in a mouth, both are at risk. How clear can girly and I make it. All the risks of genital sex are there. Stop trying to look for an out. Herpes is forever. So are many of the other HPVs.

Practice safe sex,


Posted: 28 Sep 20:17

"if you don't want to get an STD then wear a condom during intercourse"
-i can follow that advice thats easy.

"if you don't want to get an STD then don't have oral sex, or if you do use a dental dam or condom"
-thats really hard to follow... it changes too many things that i like about oral.

so what does everybody else do?

do you really need to think about STDs if you only do a little bit of oral foreplay, say 30 secs- then is the risk small enough to ignore?

is the risk even lower if you stick to the clitoris area, or alternatively stop before he comes (if ur a women)?

what if you're young and at uni- is it a lot less likely that you will catch something?

if you do catch something... does it completely screw up your sex life, or can it be ok?

thanks for reading!


Posted: 28 Sep 21:40

Assume that anything that can be contract with genital to genital contact can also be contracted with orl-genital contact. Ok, there are a couple exceptions but that is generally true.

Time is irrelevant. It takes a virus or bacterium essentially no time to transfer itself. And following any contact with body fluids, they will be present until thoroughly washed.

The female genitals include a main channel in which are located the clitoris, urethral opening, vaginal opening, anusSkene's glands and the Glands of Bartholin. These all excrete into this main channel. It does not matter where along that line you are, you are contacting fluids from all those source. Similarly, the male urethra is constantly exuding whatever is in there, urine and semen with sperm at a minimum. Virus and bacteria as well.

Of the stuff you can catch, a few are incurable and you will live them forever - herpes and aids come to mind. Some are rather easily curable but getting more difficult as chlamydia and gonarrhea are becoming resistant. Especially in women much damage can be done internally while showing no external symptoms.

Some will show in a week, in men, some will show up decades later as cervical cancer in women. You clearly need an education on this beyond what is available on a forum. There are some good teen sex sites, especially Planned Parenthood, that you should visit. Sex is often treated as a child's game but the rules, and consequences, are very adult.

What does everybody else do? Immaterial. If you are smart you are very careful.


Posted: 28 Sep 21:40

How Infections Get Passed Along

Not all sexually transmitted infections are transmitted the same way. Here are the basics about how infections can be passed through sex play:


pubic lice
hepatitis B virus (HBV)
cytomegalovirus (CMV)
human papilloma viruses (HPVs)
some HPVs can cause genital warts
some can cause cancer
herpes simplex virus (HSV)
can cause oral and genital herpes
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
can cause AIDS




pubic lice

Lots of other infections, from the flu to mononucleosis, can also be transmitted during sex play.

Unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse carry the highest risks for the most dangerous sexually transmitted infections.

quote from the Planned parenthood page


Posted: 28 Sep 22:43

It's good that you're thinking ahead and considering the risks involved, especially when it comes to sexual activities and STDs. Generally speaking, oral sex does carry some risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including but not limited to gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes.

Posted: 13 Oct 12:26

As for the specific question about swallowing semen, it is possible for certain STDs to be transmitted through this act. For example, gonorrhea and chlamydia can be transmitted through oral, genital, or anal contact with an infected person's fluids.
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Posted: 16 Oct 12:22

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