OP: Bf refuses to get checked

I love my boyfriend more than life it's self and would take a bullet for him. I just found out that he prolly has an STD of some kind, but he won't go get checked to find out what it is cause he is sooooo scared. I told him I wouldn't leave him for something like this and I won't, but how can I get him to see a doctor about it all? He doesn't want anyone to know which is why he won't go any where. I'm so scared for him.

Posted: 27 Sep 03:49


Well, show him how brave you are and go get yourself checked. That is necessary, anyway.

If he refuses to check this out, imagine how much fun he will be to live with.


Posted: 27 Sep 03:49

What are his symptoms? Do you have any idea of what specific disease he has?

A large number of STDs can be cured, and I think just about all of them can at least be treated in some way. If your boyfriend goes to a doctor, he has a good chance of getting better. If he does not, the disease will only get worse. Let him know this.


Posted: 27 Sep 03:49

well ignoring the problem definetly wont make it go away. prolonging treatment could just cause more problems. i know w/ girls some STDs that go untreated can make them sterile i dont know if the same if for guys.

if he will not go to his regular doctor...maybe convince him to go to a health clinic out of town somewhere, so no one should recognize him. the people who work at dr. offices see this kind of stuff everyday and wont judge him or think anything about it probably.

by all means DO NOT have sex w/ him until you know for sure what is going on. if you guys have been intimate in anyway you both should get tested. maybe if you go get tested along w/ him it will make him feel better about going.
good luck!


Posted: 27 Sep 03:50

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