OP: Making Sex Videos

Some consider making homespun porn taboo, but others find that do-it-yourself erotica is safe, fun and (best of all) a major turn-on! We're here to explore the joys of explicit home entertainment and show you how any couple can make x-rated media work for their viewing - and doing - pleasure.

When you break it down to basic form, making a 'motion picture' (literally) is almost like watching yourself and your partner making love in front of a mirror. What you record mustn't be vulgar or dirty (unless that's what you're in to). The content should adhere to a style that suits participants' comfort level and sexual preference. Ultimately, all it needs to be is you and your sexual partner is to be relaxed, making love in whatever way suits you.

Making a sex tape can be a fun way to explore your sexuality, especially when you set appropriate boundaries and honor each others' privacy (you should only be making a sex video with someone in whom you have complete trust). Trust and mutual respect are vital in order to truly let go of inhibitions and enjoy the experience. The beauty of it is that you can devote all your attention to what you're doing during the shoot, and if you so choose, enjoy the fruits of your labor by viewing what's on the reel afterward (a big part of the fun is just making it!).

Creating an erotic film can be extremely exciting, especially when you're appearing in the lead role. Many people fantasize about performing sexual acts in front of the camera, whether they actually end up watching it afterwards or not. However, if you do choose to watch, seeing yourself having sex is an intensely arousing experience. Moreover, it can boost your sex life and your self esteem.

Putting on a Show
Producing your own erotic cinema is a great opportunity to act out a fantasy. Some might even find that role playing becomes easier as the tape is rolling. Why? Because there are those who feel security in knowing that they're 'acting' for the sake of the film, which gives them permission to truly surrender to the experience. Making one could expose you to acts you've never imagined yourself doing - and you might end up realizing that you actually like doing them!

Putting on a show generates rewarding visual stimulation for yourself and your sexual partner. For those who respond well to graphic eye candy, a personal sex tape is an awesome way to embrace a skin flick as a couple, and may open one or both of you up to other forms of viewing pleasure such as porn films or voyeurism.

One of the best ways to boost graphic appeal is to dress up! You could don a sexy piece of lingerie or wear something for your partner that they aren't expecting. How about a costume? For the ladies, a sexy nurse or an authoritarian executive (and don't forget the appeal of a sexy pair of heels that stay on for the duration of the show); for the gentleman, a uniform replete with accessories like a cop or a handyman?

Equipment and Setup
These days it's easier than ever to direct and star in your own feature production. You don't need a crew or a camcorder either. Most digital cameras now come with movie settings, but even that isn't necessary; most cell phones can now serve as reasonable recording devices! Because most memory cards come in such large sizes, you'll likely have plenty of space with which to capture your most intimate moments. What's more, movie editing software can make the quality of your recording appear more than just amateur (if you care to bother that is!).

Mounting your recording device onto a tripod (or stabilizing it using other means) will result in quality footage. Another helpful tip is to position a stand up mirror as close to the camera as possible. Not only will it add to the fun during the shoot, it will help ensure that images you capture are actually in the frame. This can definitely add some spark to the occasion; why not masturbate one another in front of it, or pretend that you're peeking in on another couple having sex? At any rate, try to position yourselves in a variety of angles and techniques.

If you're feeling really confident, pick up the camera and take some POV (point-of-view) footage; this is a technique used in motion picture recording where the camera person's perspective makes it appear as though watcher of the flick is experiencing the scene as it happens. The visual impact of this method is very titillating.

To add a boost to production quality, here are a few easy tips to make your footage as ‘professionally amateur’ as possible...
Go beyond the bedroom. The effect of recording sex in closed quarters can be thrilling ... why not hang your camera so that it catches the two of you getting freaky in the shower? Or keep your set simple by setting up a chair or stool in a corner of a room.
Watch how others before you have done it. This will give yourself some material to refer to, and help make your own video red hot.
Practice doing some of the following in front of the mirror before you record anything with your partner: undressing slowly, making various facial expressions, and getting into different body positions. A bit of pre-work will build your confidence so you don't feel self-conscious once your play goes live.
Avoid filming acts that you're normally not comfortable doing. Giving yourself permission to step outside of the box is one thing, but don't compromise your enjoyment for the sake of entertainment value.
Don't avoid looking at the camera; in fact, try casting a powerful, sexy gaze directly into the lens.
Take more time to tease one other; actually exaggerate how much you tantalize them, through slow, oral satisfaction or kinky gestures and movements.
Try blindfolding your partner while you pleasure them. Using various forms of restraint can also be highly arousing while you record your sexual encounter. The best part is, if the blindfolded partner watches the reel afterwards, what they view will be a complete surprise to them, and seeing you pleasure them is sure to turn them on.
Whether you have background music, or not, is a personal preference. Part of the excitement of homemade sex is the sounds you make, the groans, moans, or even screams of pleasure; they all contribute to the overall effect. Music might be distracting - but if done right, can also enhance.
Final Thoughts
If the thought of recording your live action sexual acts feels intimidating, ease into it by taking sensual photos of yourself. You can be as demure or as deviant as you like, as long as it feels empowering and fun; you might even enjoy the limelight!

It is very important to relax and have fun with it all; the technical aspects of directing/camera-person can be a bit distracting until you both get the hang of it – so don’t be put off if the first time isn’t all you hoped for … practice should make perfect! And remember, no one ever has to ever see your home movies … you have nothing to prove and only pleasure to gain.

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A word of caution here...
make sure it's YOUR equipment your recording on, and your going to keep it. Social media is full of pissed off ex's looking to get even and posting the photos or movie. If your young, with a bf, you may not be together next month or year. I've don't it with one of my past bfs, but I have the movie. He has a few sexy bikini photos, but that's nothing that one could not see me in at the pool or shore.... but No, he's was not that kind of guy.

Posted: 14 Apr 15:54

Making sure it's on your equipment isn't a solution that works for both people...

Posted: 14 Apr 19:18

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