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I have read all the info on STDs/HIVs. I was watching a show on tv and well their was a part when a young boy found out he was HIV positive and he had to let his girlfriend know so she could get tested. Well they showed how she was stressing and how she was mad at him because their was a possibility he could have gave her something and they explained to here that he did not know he had something their for its not like he gave it to here on purpose, and that she had some fault in that as well for not making sure he used a condom. That even though it was her 1st time she can still get something. Well when she got the results she did not have HIV she got luck. It turned out he did not get it from his 1st partner (a women he lost his virginity to before her) like he assumed (she got a test and came out clean) it turned out that he had sheeted on his girl with someone sometime after him and her had sex for her 1st time and because they did not have any sexual intercourse after her 1st time she did not get the HIV that’s why her possibilities of being positive where lower.

They basically showed the situation using the basic information that most of us know about how to prevent HIV and how it can only take one time to get it.

Well I had a question that came to mine, I know its important once(and always even if you do not have something)some one is aware of what they have to use protection that it is not passed on to others.

My question is lets say both partners have something it could be the same thing ( I know everyone reacts different to things) if they was to keep having unprotected sex would that be dangerous? (I assumed it would.) would this make things much worst as to their health and how long they may live? Would that just be passing bad things back and forth?

Sorry for the question it just came up and I was talking about it with my mom and we both agreed that it would. But you wont know something unless you ask rite. If this information is on another post sorry I must have missed it.

Also another question came up when I read the comments at the end of the HIV info can you get something from swallowing semen from someone that has something?


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My understanding is say w/ HIV there are different strands. Say one partner has a strain of HIV A...and their partner has HIV B. If they have unprotected sex and pass along the HIV...they could now both have a strain HIV AB.
They were probably on a certain medicine regiment or "cocktail" they call them. The meds that WERE working to combat their own virus might stop working now that they have strain HIV AB.
If one of these partners has unprotected sex w/ another partner who has HIV C...now they've created an HIV ABC. This is one reason this disease is so hard to fight b/c it is constantly mutating.

I do not know if this theory happens w/ other STDs like Gonorrhea, Herpes, etc.
I am sure one of our Drs can explain more and correct any misunderstandings on my part.:)


Posted: 30 Sep 01:56

> Sorry for the question it just came up and I was talking about it with my mom and we both agreed that it would. But you wont know something unless you ask rite.

Why are you sorry for asking this question. The only dumb question is the one not asked. You are correct, knowledge is empowering, so keep on asking questions.

> Also another question came up when I read the comments at the end of the HIV info can you get something from swallowing semen from someone that has something?

Any time there is an exchange of fluids there is a chance for passing along a disease. There is less possibility with oral than with anal or vaginal sex, although, why be careless or flippant with something so darned important? Any time there is a opening bugs can get into your body. If you have a cut, a scrape, open wound, there is a good possibility of contracting something.

You only touched on contraception, above. I fail to understand why kids do not believe they need to protect themselves and if they do say they understand why they sometimes use contraception and sometimes not. "Not" is as good as never, so why go to the expense, then?

A topic not covered, above, is the possibility of passing an illness onto a baby that might likely enter the scenario if not using contraception.


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When diagnosed, it is time to have a long chat with the doctor about your options. If it is curable (all bacterial ans some viral diseases). then get it cured with no sexual activity until you get a clean bill of health from the doctor. If it is not curable but is treatable, (many viral diseases), then begin treatment and find out how contagious you may be and determine limits on your sexual behaviour.

There are support groups to which many doctors refer patients to learn more about these diseases from other patients. It is fairly common for people with the same disease (herpes, HIV) to end up as pairs. These are honest relationships and everything is understood by the parties at the beginning.

The last thing you should do is continue to be sexually active putting others at risk. Condom are great but not a perfect solution. They do not protect sores that may be outside the area covered by the condom. And condoms do fail. Do not put others at risk.

A specific answer to a specific question (I think: I had difficulty reading your post) is that two people already infected with HIV are not going to make things worse for each other. Same for genital herpes. There should still be some limits and these should be discussed with the doctor involved. Yes, they could pass things back and forth, your words, but if both are treating, no problem. You would likely avoid sex between partners with genital herpes whilst either was experiencing an outbreak.

Doc is quite correct that there is a lower infection rate of viral diseases through oral-genital contact than genital contact alone. But, it is still a distinct possibility (see his comment about body fluids) and oral transmission of most bacterial infections (think gonorrhea or chlamydia) is just as efficient as genital transmission.

Until and unless you are in a very stable monogamous relationship every sexual contact carries some risk. Please be careful for yourself and for your partners.


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Thanks so much for the info that’s what I thought that sense there is so many kinds of STDs out their that passing something like that back en fourth could make something like that ether got worst or even cause it speed up and cause harm to someone sooner.

I just wanted to know if I was on the right track on my info on HIV. I have a younger sister and I like to share what I know with here. Thanks

In the show after the girl found out she was clean her and the boy started a group to talk to kids about the topic and they mentioned info on babies.

That to is important because us as adults we are responsible for our actions we have all the info in how to prevent getting something and for some reason we got something we could of prevented it to some point. As for a baby they should not have to deal with this kind of thing. That’s why I feel its important to do all we can to stay safe and not pass something bad to a baby that did not chose to have to deal with such a problem and give the baby the right to decide whether to protect him or her self you know.


Posted: 30 Sep 01:57

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