OP: Penis Odor

Hello everyone,

I need a bit of help here.

Since I started having sex, I started to get an odor on my penis and I mean a really bad one.

Can someone please tell me how the odor occurred and how to get rid of it.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:53


The sexual juices of both genders get smelly when exposed to air. Assuming you are using condoms, the smell is simply your semen putrifying in the presence of oxygen. If you are not using condoms, you will both get a little smelly within an hour or so. In both cases the recommendations here (wash) are all you need.

If the smell lasts after washing well or is noticeable when you urinate, then you have a low level infection - either urethritis or prostatitis. This is a common infection in both sexes and is not considered an STD although you can share it! In this case of an infection, medical attention is needed. We see this every day and no doctor will assume anything other than you have a urethritis. It is easily treated but you should use a condom for at least as long you are on anti-biotocs so you do not pass the germs back and forth.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:54

its like this dude...when u cum some sperm is guna be left on ur penis...that causes the smell...take a shower....and the smell is guna go away...its guna come back the next time u cum...or actually like an hour later....so anyways just take a shower after every time u cum and the smell isnt even guna appear lol...UNLESS

ur smell is caused by sweating...if thats the case than i recommend u wear loose boxers and some loose pants..that will get some air flowing..and still take showers twice a day

P.S. ur penis WILL have some kind of odor...everyone's does...its just not guna be as bad and as strong


Posted: 30 Sep 20:54

Have you had this smell since you started masturbating, or only since you started having sex? If it is the latter case, it may indicate an STD or something along those lines. You might want to have a doctor look at you just in case.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:54

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