OP: Reluctant wife

My wife is very generous when it comes to sex with one exception. ...she's reluctant to let me come in her mouth... Any suggestiins

Posted: 09 Oct 21:41


Old post but interesting.
You guys have to understand that we have turnoffs, things we rather not do, but we only do them to please you. That's one of the things I rather not do, but will to please my bf, if we are in a committed relationship. Trust, love, emotions bla bla bal.... and I've only done it a few times. Even then I like made it like a accident that was his fault, but I didn't stop the act. Afterwards blaming him, suggesting I hoped he enjoyed it, but don't expect it.
So don't force her, for goodness sake don't push her head down or hold her head when your going to cum. Let it be on her terms. Like you said, she's reluctant, but obviously she has done it.

Posted: 08 Nov 19:07

I dated a girl for 17 years and she never let me cum in her mouth and I wanted it so bad due to the fact of never doing it. We broke up and I’ve dated many gals that are happy to let me unload in their mouths, not just that they swallow. Find a bee girl..if she has not let you cum in mouth yet...she never will

Posted: 17 Apr 20:46

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