OP: Glad to be here

I am happy to be here to learn more about my own and my spouse's sexuality. I always felt that seeking information on sex was always seen as perverted if you are a guy and "hot" if you are a female, and cool if you are a couple. I am so glad I can ask the questions in this forum about anything and everything regarding my sex life. Even at 47 years old I don't know it all but it is fun learning.

Posted: 06 Dec 00:32


Welcome! It's very nice to have you here.

Please make sure to point out any problems you run into: functionality you don't like, improvements, bugs.... It's a brand new custom system... so it still needs a lot of work.

Posted: 15 Dec 21:01

I should have stated welcome back you as well... Seeing quite a few of your old posts in the archive!

My apologies... and welcome back sir.

Posted: 03 Jan 21:38

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