OP: Disclosing STD confusion

There seems to be a lot of confusion about when you should / shouldn't disclose that you have an STD/STI...

> When should I tell a new partner that I have one?

You tell the person before you start getting physical with them... while they are sober.

> What if I don't have any outbreaks?

It does not matter if you think you have an outbreak, outbreaks begin before you notice them... and you should not be exposing anyone to them without full disclosure up front so that they can decide if it's worth the risk to them.

> What if I use a condom?

It does not matter, and you should always be using condoms with new partners anyway. Many STDs occur outside of the 'coverage' zone, and there is always the possibility of spreading them before a condom is applied.

> What if it's a deal-breaker?

It very well could be.... and you need to be ready for that. Then again, you might find out they have it too.

> This sucks...

Having to live with knowing you gave it to someone else who didn't get a fair warning doesn't make it suck any less.

Posted: 07 Jan 06:48


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