OP: He wants me to sleep with other men

My husband & I are both seniors. I am an out & out nympho, while hubby has given up on sex. He tells me he won't mind & wants me to have sex with other men. I’m just dying to do this, but I am worried about the consequences. What would you suggest?

Posted: 17 Aug 20:32


This is an exciting opportunity for you to fill a void you may have been missing for some time! ‘Open relationships’ are something that even many young people have a hard time with, so hats off to your husband for considering this option as a way to help meet your needs. It is natural to be concerned about the consequences of moving from a long-term monogamous relationship to a more open one. The idea sounds great in theory, but then come the ever-charming human traits of jealousy, over-sensitivity, ‘ownership’ and ego.

Communication is key prior to embarking on this new journey. In order to eliminate any concern for negative consequences, any ‘rules’ around what is acceptable (or not) in your relationship need to be mutually agreed upon ahead of time - and respectful to the needs of you both. I would also recommend asking yourself how you would feel if at some point in the future your husband wants to try being with other women. After all, the same rules should really apply both ways.

The take-home message here would be: talk it out, before you act it out. Have a conversation where you and your husband lay out exactly what the rules around this freedom entail. If you have a clear understanding about what your husband is willing to accept, you should be in the green to get out there and get in the action once again!

Posted: 17 Aug 20:32

I would believe him if he says that he is okay with you having sex with other men. I love seeing the woman I love enjoying the desire of another man. If he no longer desires sex and he encourages you to find a lover...perhaps it may rekindle his sexual desire....seeing the woman I love having sex with another guy is by far my biggest turn on. I want my girlfriend more than ever....either watching or having her tell me every detail of what she did with him. She knows I’m going to want her so bad after she has had sex with another man.

Good luck to you I hope you and your hubby find a solution.

Posted: 16 Apr 03:26

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