OP: Are condoms needed when on the pill?

Me and my guy are both curiouse about having sex without a condom. I have been on the pill for awhile and take it perfectly. I don't think I am doing anything that would change its effectivness. But... I am very scared of pregnancy! So is it better just to not take the risk and use a condom as well? Even though that isn't even 100% effective :S I don't now i'm confused.

Lilac Wine

Posted: 27 Sep 00:48


As you say, the pill is not a 100% garentee against against pregnancy, and using a condom or another form of birth control along with it will reduce your odds of getting pregnant. Also, the risk of pregnancy is not the only reason to use a condom. Condoms reduce the risk of transmitting most STDs, against which the pill offers no protection at all. Only if you have both been tested for all STDs, are in a completely monogomous relationship, and are willing to take the added risk of pregnancy should you consider giving up condoms.


Posted: 27 Sep 00:50

Assuming a stable monogamous relatiosnhip, the risks are low. If either of you is screwing around, the risks are high (for disease).
Three women out of 100 using the pill, alone, for a year will become pregnant. 15 for the condom. The two together will be under one. You may want to use a spermicidal jelly, film or foam. This also reduces the risk of pregnancy.


Posted: 27 Sep 00:50

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