OP: Penis really small when limp?

I'm 16 years old and I have a rather small penis. It's only about 2 1/2 inches when NOT erect. However, when it is erect, my junior grows to a whopping (for me) 6 inches and some change. I have a g/f but I'm embarrassed to show her my penis when it's not erect, any adivise. Also, for the guys, how long is yours when not erect?

Cortona Canine

Posted: 30 Sep 21:48


You're pretty normal. Most guys are 2-3 inches flaccid.

I think you're worrying about nothing. Your girlfriend's already seen it when it counts. She knows what you can do with it.

I do know that my wife loves to make mine grow. She's pretty proud of the results of her efforts.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:48

Don't worry! I'm 39, i have an 8" cock when fully erect. However, when i am flaccid, i'm maybe 2". You see, there are grow-ers and show-er. There are some men who have longer flaccid penis' that others. But, quite frankly, if I had a choice, i'd rather be known for having a long hard penis, then a long, short penis!


Posted: 30 Sep 21:48

Dont worry, she should know ,i would think, that they are always smaller when they are limp compared to erect. I dont think she would think a thing about it if she saw it without an erection.
Live life.
Good luck.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:48

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