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Hi, I’m new. I found this site out of desperation of a problem I have, and through looking over past post, I found a lot of usefull info. This is a truly helpful and amazing site and hopefully you can help me also.

Well here’s my story...

I'm 24 and so far have been a really good boy because I believe in the beauty and sanctity of sex, and that it's not to be shared with just anyone. On the other hand I am a horny typical guy so I have had a dabble into sharing this act. So far I have only slep with 2 women and with both of them I was always safe and everything was cool

I met a new girl a couple of months ago, and we started seeing each other, dating, and then finally having sex. I fell head over heals for this girls and after a while we eventually once had sex without a condom (I know it's stupid, but a couple bottles of beringer does that to you). My experience was, for lack of better words, EXTREAMLY ORGASMIC, and defiantly the best feeling ever. Shortly after that 1st time we found it hard to cum with a condom on because the feeling is so different, so we eventually gave in, and more and more we chose not to wear one. Well now that her period came late we both got nervous, so she went to the doctor today to get checked out and to go on the pill. Thankfully she’s not pregnant (I can't wait to have kids, but know there's no way I can have them now) but she was diagnosed with genital warts. I decided to go to go tomorrow to get checked out, but still have a couple of questions.

Well now that she's going on the pill, and we share a monogamous relationship, can I still make love to her without a condom? I read that you will have genital warts for the rest of your life so does this mean that they will just continue to flair up every once in a while?

Does anyone have any experiences with genital warts that they could share with me to ease my frantic thought of “OH MY GOD, I HAVE A STD !!!

Any advice about this or anything else to help me get through my situation is greatly appreciated


DJ Chris

Posted: 27 Sep 04:33


You probably have genital warts, even when you use a condom, you can still get them, they are contacted from skin to skin contact. Yes you will always have the virus. I have them, and I used the cream and I have never gotten them again, and that was a year and a half ago. Where my boyfriend has had them for year and a half, and the cream dosen't work so he has to have them burned off, which he really hates. Once you have the virus it usually takes 3 months for them to show up.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:34

You have to remember that if you get genital warts you will have them for the rest of your life and if you change sexual partners you will pass them on. It will impede your ability to find a partner... unless you hide it from them until it is too late. I would not date anyone who had them and I don't know anyone who would.

You also have to remember that this can be passed on to your children if your partner is having an outbreak during labor.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:34

The web has very scattered information on HPV and I have found difficulty in finding clear answers to my many questions.

My girlfriend was told she has HPV. Unfortunately she has been given a limited amount of information from the gyno and in her emotional state of mind did not ask enough questions.

After confirming that she had HPV, the gyno performed some sort of scraping technique to get rid of some of the cells. At least this is how my girlfriend described it. Shouldn't the gyno know whether the cells were the type that cause cervical cancer? I do not believe this information was provided. Also, can the type of HPV she has turn into the strand that does cause cervical cancer? What kind of risks are associated with having an increased level of this HPV virus over an extended period of time?

Now we are waiting, her next visit to the gyno is in January. The idea was to take out as much of the cells as possible, let her immune system fight it, and come back 4 months later (aka January) and hopefully the virus is suppressed to a level that the gyno can begin giving her the HPV vaccine.

I assume all this makes sense, although i admit both myself and my girlfriend have very limited information.

The gyno mentioned that we should use a condom. We did for awhile but naturally wearing a condom fell to the wayside. Is this going to make fighting the virus more difficult?

I have also been performing oral sex and wanted to know the kinds of risks i am taking on by doing that.

Thanks for the help in advanced. I did search for information both on Google and on this website and these questions are still unanswered. I understand the best thing to do is to call the gyno and ask her ourselves, but when it comes to an STD it seems so easy to procrastinate and i believe that is exactly what my girlfriend has been doing.


Posted: 29 Sep 23:33

She & you should get the answers directly from the doc.

If she was HPV positive on the cervix...and scrapings or treatment was done? Well it's most likely the HPV which is associated most often with c.cancer. Four stains are known risks...the major point it is caught (I assume she also had an abnormal pap as well--dysplasia?)

Get the recommended treatment & follow up in January and you should be checked by your own doc as well...If I had sex with ANYONE who found this out (they have HPV) I would be running to my doc's office.

There are no specifics of what has been done and no one here can clearly state what exactly happened...its a virus and if detected and treated properly (both) all should be well.

She must calm down & get a more realistic about this, not being embarrassed nor procrastinating. If you get this from her, her putting off the info obtaining is most unfair to you since you will have the opportunity to spread it to others in the future...this is not so matter of fact.

This is a really good reason for condom use and testing prior to having sex with anyone...Also, you made it through three months now...January is not an emergency. YOU need the info from her & her doc, and consult with your physician.


Posted: 29 Sep 23:33

So i should see a physician even though i have no visible signs of HPV? I keep reading that their is not even a test for men for HPV. I also read that the medical field does not know what HPV does when a male has it.

She had an abnormal pap smear first, came back a few weeks later for another, they looked at the results under some sort of microscope and the gyno confirmed that she had HPV. Then she did some sort of "scraping" technique.

So normally this scraping technique is only done with the four cancer causing strains? You also state "if its treated properly" all should be well. However, how is one suppose to treat a virus?


Posted: 29 Sep 23:33

She should have had a "procedure" such as cyro or laser done to remove the abnormal cells. If there are also warts present they are treated, generally through laser sx--most accepted form in this area. In women they remove all visible signs of abnormal cells with a re-check frequently to be certain re-appearance does not occur.

If she is positive and you have had sexual contact with her...I would still see your doctor and still be checked frequently--if your GP does not know enough about HPV see a Urologist. You can carry a virus and (its usually fast) show symptoms. Or walk around strictly as a carrier. My point is if you had sex with her....you have now been exposed to an infection.


Posted: 29 Sep 23:34

Under Sexual Health: Women, look at cervical cancer. There are some included sub-discussions that will address some of your questions.

About half of us are carriers - both men and women. The most important thing is for her to talk with her doctor and have annual pap smears.


Posted: 29 Sep 23:34

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