For the first time in many years, there is a truly new IUD available to women. It was developed by a Belgian who was involved in much earlier development of the standard T-shaped IUD. Over the years he determined that "one-size fits all" is not true of IUDs. Who would have thought?! He developed the critical measurements and went to work designing an entirely new model. It has been testing for over ten years and has been available in Europe, Canada, Brazil and other countries for the last two. I do not know the approval status in the United States but have been reading accounts of women going to Vancouver and Toronto ofr the product. Check with your doctors.

The GyneFix and GyneFix Mini have been equally as effective as traditional IUDs but have been less problem for a range of women to adapt. There have been fewer expulsions, less problem with bleeding and cramping and, after eight years, more women have been opting to continue with them.

If you have been thinking of the IUD (as effective as hormonal systems) but been put off by horror stories of history or failed with a traditional T-shaped one, talk to your doctor. The downside is that they are a bit more complicated to insert and some uterus are shaped as to be difficult for insertion. The costs I have seen are under USD 300 for insertion in Canada and under EUR 200 in most of Europe.

Do a google search on Gynefix and you will find the study results, manufacturer homepage and some discussion groups.


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