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Hey Brandye i wanted to ask you a question. Ok, seems every time i use condoms.. it burns up in my vagina or whatever, it feels like its burning almost. it happens with lubricated mostly, or with spermicide..
im curious if you have a brand or... certain type of condom for suggestion or... anything like that


Posted: 27 Sep 05:19


Interesting couple questions here. Spermicide caused or condom caused? In university, a b/f and I went through a two-dozen box of dry latex condoms in a two day weekend. It took several days to get over that! At a molecular level, latex is highly abrasive. Even though I was using vaginal jelly, I was simply rubbed raw. I recommend using non-latex condoms. The Durex brand is almost all non-latex and most brands have some in their line-up. Stay away from ribs and other friction increasing protuberances.

You may be interested in the female condom. They are funny looking, take some practice and expensive but are worth a try. The UN is experimenting with them as multi-use with vinegar soak between uses and that reduces the cost. I used one about ten times (experimenting – I have been spayed) and it still seemed in good shape though stretched a little. Neither guy in my experiment was aware of the multiple uses! More sperm are found in the vagina after using these than after using regular condoms. Spermicide in you and in the condom is recommended. My “test-mates” thought they were funny as hell but said the feeling was more realistic than with male condoms. The big difference, in feeling, is that the male slides inside the female condom while the male condom slides with him against you. Therefore, he gets the rubbing that feels natural while you are protected from friction.

The more important issue may be the spermicide. Most on the market, either on condoms or as spermicidal mixtures, is Nonoxynol-9. This is a detergent and can cause irritation in some women. Read labels as many companies, including well known brands of foams and jellies, are introducing alternatives. There are other spermicides available and you might to try one based on benzalkonium chloride. At drugs.com, you can get a list of spermicideal preparations using this. They include some foams and jellies. On the other hand, if this is what you are using, switch away from it. You can stand in the store reading labels and become the talk of the town for setting a record in the contraceptive section or go to drugs.com and search for the two named above plus the other two most common spermicides, octoxynol-9 and menfegol. That site will give a list of products containing each.

Try, then, a dry (non-lubricated), non-latex condom with an alternative spermicide. Though I usually recommend jellies,the film, foam, suppository or, even, spnge, are all good. My guess is that your issue is more with the spermicide than with the condom.

If you think this can get complicated, try getting a patient titrated on the forty or so hormonal contraceptives available!


Posted: 27 Sep 05:19

HAHAH! the last comment.

Hey thanks for responding, ill go through what you suggested !! thank you muchly!


Posted: 27 Sep 05:20

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