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Last night my boyfriend was fingering me, it was very enjoyable and I think the closest I've come to orgasm, but after a while he realised i'd been bleading - it was a horrific sight - the whole of his hand and my inner thighs were covered in blood. I was mortified, partly as i feel far from attractive after this experience, and am worried it will make him very reluctant to do things of a sexual nature again.

However, more worrying is that i have bled before. If this was the first time I would reason it was the breaking of my hymen (I am a virgin). However, this doesn't make sense. Twice in the past (once with a different partner) they have had a tiny amount of blood on their fingers. Could this be a result of cuts from fingering and yesterday because of the hymen? I'm very unsure and worried. Another issue is that I'm sure I've been penetrated deeper before from use of sex toys etc, so it does not make sense that if it was my hymen breaking, that it would take place at this point in time rather than on previous occassions.

In addition, when 'cleaning myself up' i felt extremely dizzy, and the room began to spin. I've felt slightly light headed in the past after fingering, but more of a 'that was amazing' light headedness, whereas this was a lot more extreme. Could it have been from blood loss or shock?

It could not have been my period as I am not due for two weeks, and the bleeding stopped soon after.

My boyfriend was very concerned and caring and we are both very eager to understand the reason behind this.

I don't want this to happen again, but the fact it's happened more than once suggests it might.

I would really appreciate any words of wisdom or advice, preferably asap.

Thank you in advance.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:06


wow... this sounds serious, see a doctor immedeantly. Even if your hymen did break (which i think it would already have if you've been using sex toys) it shouldn't bleed that much... especially more than twice. And when you mentioned the dizziness you felt afterward - thats not normal. Something is wrong, I would see a doctor as soon as possible.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:06

I Thanks for the response, but I don't know how comfortable I'd feel seing a doctor about this. It didn't blead shocking amounts, it wasn't flowing out of me or anything (!) just more than the spots of blood in the past, and enough to make us concerned.

On Sunday and to lesser extents since then, I have been experiencing painful stomach cramps, similar to those I get when on my period but more extreme and more random, since my period isn't due till the end of this week, and to get such pains a week early concerns me. I've also been getting dizzy more frequently, but this is more likely due to the heat at the moment (not used to it in england!)

has anything similar happened to anyone else?

Is there some online source of medical reference i could refer to rather than visit a doctor, to avoid wasting my GP's time if it turns out to be nothing?

I didn't tell my mum about the bleeding, but she said the pains could well be down to stress (I'm undergoing a period of exams at the moment). Is this possible?

May the pains and bleeding be unrelated? I didn't feel any pain during or directly after the bleeding, in fact i didn't realise i was until my boyfriend noticed.

Wow, a lot of questions there. Any help or response of any kind would be very very much appreciated


Posted: 01 Oct 22:06

I don't know exactly what it could be, but it sounds like its serious. I don't think you can get abdominal cramps from stress, but i'm not positively sure. And as far as the diziness and bleeding goes, its definantly not normal and not a good sign. If you feel uncomfortable seeing a doctor, talk to your mom about it, and tell her EVERYTHING, you can also look up information on the internet, but thats not always entirely helpful. If it is something serious, then you definantly need to see a doctor.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:07

I think you and I have the same problem...

I don't bleed every time I'm fingered, but my boyfriend and I have experienced bleeding on a couple different occations. Typically it stops soon after, as you said.

As far as getting light headed, I've had that happen as well. I don't notice it when I'm in bed, but I have cum in the shower a few times. The first time I closed my eyes and held onto my boyfriend until it went away. I always thought it was because I was getting a head rush, similar getting out of bed too quickly in the morning.

And the last symptom...abdominal cramps... If my boyfriend has been kind of rough with me, I sometimes will feel like that, but I usually tell him to be more gentle and he understands. Boys...

Anyway, I'm curious to see what you find out.... Maybe it'll give me an insight into what's actually wrong with me.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:07

I am more concerned about the light-headedness than the bleeding. The hymen often does not go all at once and that is the most likely source of the blood. Especially as you modified your description a bit. He could have had sharp nails or the hymen just went "the rest of the way."

If you have not had a pelvic exam, it is time. I would suggest that. The lightheadedness could have been caused by a near orgasm (I sometimes really space out) or a rapid change in position. It could also be some systemic low level infection.

When women get their sex lives going, they should have a complete gyn exam. Go get one done. NHS is not all that bad. We even have women doctors.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:07

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