OP: Chlamydia?

About a month ago i had sex for the first time and the condom broke. Luckily she is not pregnant. However, i know that she has had multiple partners in the past, so now im wondering if i could have gotten anything from her. I have no symptoms of anything. I was reading that with chlamydia one symptom is a clear discharge. After reading that, if i squeeze the tip of my penis for a while, some clear fluid comes out, but not alot, a lot less then a drop. Nothing comes out if i dont do that though. I have no pain while urinating or any other of the symptoms. If i spread the hole on my penis and look in it looks pink and shiny, i dont know if thats normal or not. I made an appointment to get tested, thinking it was free but its not. I had to cancel the appointment because i have no money.... is it worth getting tested or am i just being paranoid?


Posted: 27 Sep 04:32


It is not just chlamydia that you need to be concerned with. A number of STD's either don't show symptoms immediately, or sometimes at all. However, you can still pass them on.

As someone once put it, "When you have unprotected sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone he/she has ever been a partner with ... and everyone who has been a partner with them!" Scarey thought!

Don't let lack of money stop you from getting checked, most cities and large towns should have a charitable Health Centre where you many be able to pay a reduced amount or even nothing. Check your phone directory or ask at any clinic - they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:32

The discharge referred to is spontaneous and you will not have to squeeze to see it. Diagnosis over the net is impossible and, when in doubt, check it out.

About one person in ten is a carrier for some STD. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, you figure your own odds.

Chlamydia is insidious for women. They may well not be aware that they have contracted it and can pass it on unknowingly. Worse, they can be sterile before they have symptoms. It will be picked up on anannual pap smear but that is a long time to wait.

As a woman, I hope you get it checked out. If the condom breaks again, I could end up infected. Most major cities have STD clinics where you can tested free and anonymously.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:32

Definitely get tested. Ive just got tested for a bacterial infection and discovered that Ive got chlamydia. I dont even know for how long or who Ive got it from. Ive been with my present partner for 8 months and are both extremely faithful but my last few not so serious partners Ive now found out werent as faithful and now Im panicking in case Ive had it long and it could have caused serious damage. Please get it checked. Cant you go into a walk-in GUM clinic at your local Hospital?


Posted: 27 Sep 04:33

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