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I was wondering...

What are the best techniques for fingering a girl and giving oral sex...specific details are appreciated...


Posted: 05 Oct 05:08


Fingering and oral are a self taught art - differs girl to girl. i have found out that if you take time and rub her mound of pussy hair for a while they tend to warm up.gentle pressure on the mound and move your hand around - star at the bottom of her stomach use your whole hand almost like a massage on the outside of her pussy. then slide your middle finger over her clit to the actual hole and move it in and out like a swinging door that is attached at the top - just barely catch the bottom of the hole as you going in very shallow strokes in and out. she should be or getting pretty wet by now - now try sticking a finger or two in her and if you can change positions so your head is at her feet turn you hand palm up and insert your finger try to find a spot or rough surface on the inside of her on the outer wall - with any luck you will have found her G-Spot massage it gently. circular or up and down motion on the spot should get her pretty hot.Don't get upset if you don't find it the first time some are smaller than others and maybe hard to find but when you do both of you will know. as far as oral goes - spread her pussy lips and expose the clit or the clit hood your objective her is to massage the clit with your warm and wet tongue - you may have to get under the hood of the clit depending on her level of excitement - just gently move the foreskin/hood around. massage her pussy lips with your thumb and fore finger there are lots of nerve endings in the lips that we males don't pay much attention to or forget to. the whole pussy region is full of nerve endings that when stimulated adds to the pleasure. I'm sure Brandye can comment on all of the technical stuff - and i'm sure girlygirl-sexgodess and xx22xx can comment on how they would like a male to approach their genitals. Good luck and let us know how it works out or in as the case maybe


Posted: 05 Oct 05:08

aright...start to finish as you wish...start out with kissing/making out and holding each other...make it seem like you're NOT in it JUST for the hookup, make sure she's relaxed and where you're somewhere that no one's going to walk in/see you. then as you're making out, shift into a position that it will be easy access for you and comfortable for her...take your time, and make sure you run your hands over every part of her body, especially the inside of her thighs and her chest, to make sure she'll be wet when you actually get to fingering her. the easiest way is obviously with her pants off, but assuming this is her first time too, she may not be very comfortable not having most of her clothes on in front of you. and assuming that, then i found that one of the easiest ways for both guy and girl is for the guy to be sitting up (this works best on a couch type thing) and leaning back with the girl laying down (horizontally obviously) with her head/mostly the upper body in the guys lap...this girl has her knees bent with her legs spread, and her pants only need to be unbuttoned it's a turn on if the girl starts with her legs together and the guy slides his hands in between her thighs and rubs her entire 'area' over her pants. then he unbuttons her pants and undoes the zipper/whatever (we're not going to think you're retarded if you need both hands to undo our pants, cuz we do to) so anyway, then repeating rubbing her entire area over her panties, then finally doing it without anything in between your hand and her.

i found that it feels best if the guy then VERY slowly slides one finger between the lips, and puts it inside just a little, enough to get it wet, press it gently on her as you pull out, and keep moving upwards until you feel her clit...then circle it. after you do that, put your finger back inside of her, and move it in and out slowly for maybe a minute or so, and try and spread her 'wetness' around her entire area so if you rub a different way it won't be dry and hurt her. then she should be wet enough that you can put two fingers in, possibly three but don't push it, remember to watch her body language, if she's arching her back or raising her hips, she likes it a lot. so when you have the 2 (possibly 3) fingers inside of her, it feels better to go a little faster (in and out), just don't be rough and don't ignore her clit...teasing it feels realllllllly good. and if u've been doing it for awhile, then pull your hand out of her pants, and rub her outside of her pants, then go back in to give you and her a rest for a little while. in the future, being in this position will be good for you because her head and hands are in easy reach of guess what!! your dick!! so all you need to do is just take her hand and put it on your dick, over your pants to start, and show her how to rub it...and then for oral sex a little later on, all you have to do is roll her head to the side, and it's easy for her to swing around to being in front of you on her knees.........good enough??

if we are showing signs of liking what you're doing (heavier, faster, harder, breathing, moaning, whimpering...whatever), then don't change...faster isn't always better but harder will do...and even though orgasm is most easily brought on by certain sports such as the g-spot and the clit, don't ONLY concentrate on those...maybe you can mix it up like stimulate those, but other parts at the same time!!


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

2 fingers slowly going in and out, at times alternating fingers (very nice feeling), then faster, while massaging with one free finger (the thumb works well) the clitoris, and with the free finger on the other side the perineum.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

I've always found the left side of a woman's (if she's laying down) clitoris is REAL sensitive, if you lick or rub her there, she will have an amazing orgasm.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

OK, so this won't be the most helpful advice, but it is from a female's point of view. Anyway, when you are fingering a girl there isn't much technique in my opinion. I love it when a guy does it to me and I guess what gets me going is more than one finger and a circular type motion and then there is the occasional massage you can give her at the same time in the spot right between her vagina and anus. But, every girl it different and is stimulated differently. My best advice is don't read all those articles on fingering and assume what one guy says works is the way to go. Listen to your girlfriend and she'll tell you if she likes what you are doing. Play around, your fingers move in many ways. As for oral sex, I think you need to do your own thing and listen to see what your girlfriend enjoys the most. I'm not a huge fan of giving oral sex so I don't really get much of it and that is fine by me. sorry I can't be of more help, but I know that when a guy does something and I'm enjoying it I'm sure to let him know because I want him to keep going and I think most girls are the same way, it is a somewhat selfish internal mechanism females have.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

Lots of details of the art of pleasuring have been posted, but here are two common sense basics to consider well before the fun starts:

1. Clip your fingernails (for obvious reasons)
2. Wash your hands (to help prevent urethral infections)


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

The combo of oral and fingering can be one of the most powerful combinations for women. Getting them to compliment each other rather than distracting from each other can be tricky tho. My general method for the complete experience is as follows:

Start with some good lengthy foreplay to get things moving in the right direction. Lots of kissing, necking and caressing are important. I generally start the approach with a bit of light fingertip stroking of the clit. If you did the foreplay right, there should be enough of her own lubrication to make this a bit of a slip and slide over the clit. Think of it as just gliding over the surface. If things start to dry up a bit from the friction, do a quick slip of the fingertip down to her vagina just to moisten the fingertip again. Do not ram your finger into her, the theme here is light and gentle.

After a bit of this, and with encouragement for more from her (moaning and other happy noises) move down her body to replace your finger with your tongue. Let your tongue take over the light caress of the clit, and increase intensity and pressure over time. You are building up to something, do not push too much to fast. I like to start with some long licks from her opening to the top of her clit before concentrating on the clitoris.

A quick 'no no' on clitoral stimulation. Variety is good, at first. Try several different techniques to see what really gets her going. But once you find something good, stick with it. I can't tell you the number of times I was getting a great licking, but then my partner changed rhythm or technique and just totally lost my building orgasm. Increasing intensity can be good, but something completely different can be a disaster.

So you have a good rhythm going, a mild intensity and happy noises abound. Yay! Lets add fingers.

One of my favorite ways to add fingers is VERY gradually. Start by moving your hand up her thigh, squeezing lightly. Move your hand to her inner thigh and continue squeezing. You want her to get the idea that you are going to go there, just not yet. Next, take your index and middle finger and bend them, then place your knuckles just to the right of her vagina, just outside. You want to feel her wetness, but not be 'inside' her. Just let her know you are there. Increase your intensity with your mouth. Prepare her for good things to come.

From here I straighten out my fingers and gradually gradually slide them inside her. You almost want her to be begging for you to be inside her and then give it to her, but slowly. Once you are inside of her don't stop there. Increase the intensity on her clit, and press upward with your fingers (towards her G-spot) and a bit deeper so that she begins to feel less tease, and more full. Hold that for just a bit, and then you can begin moving your fingers in and out, slowly at first, but then over time increasing intensity.

Try to match the intensity of mouth and fingers. Listen to her body. ALL of her body. Happy noises are good, a hardening clit is good, swelling vaginal walls are good, feeling her "open up" inside is a GREAT sign. Just let her encourage you on and try to do what her body tells you. You should be orgasming any time.

The clincher to this technique is the finish. After she has come, unless you know your girl likes post orgasm clitoral contact, remove your mouth. However, leave your fingers inside her. Don't thrust or wiggle, just let them be inside her. If she had a great orgasm you might get to feel some of her contractions. Kiss her belly, upper legs and thighs and SLOWLY start to pull out of her. And I mean slowly. As you are pulling out, press on one side of her inner thigh with your arm. As you are pulling away keep pressure on the inner thigh, and even after your fingers have left her vagina, trail them along the inner thigh.

Why? It makes it feel like it is taking forever for you to leave her because you were so deep inside of her. Its kinda hard to describe why this is so awesome, but it is.

There you go, a JoP technique.

Ok, so that may have been too detailed and too long winded, but forgive me, it was my first post.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

I don't always like being fingered and didn't like it from my ex (long term). I can tell you that I am really not into being fingered if I am not already turned on. But the #1 for me is that I have to be caressed on some other part of the body at the same time. Kissing counts big-time as "other". Also, if you can stimulate her clit while fingering, it should make a big difference.
I know this is a late response to your question, but I hope it helps!


Posted: 05 Oct 05:09

i don't think you guys should focus so much on having to find the G-spot. like everyone said its different for every girl. personally i like my man to rubbed the outside of my panties first getting me real wet. all the while kissing and teasing my nipples. then once he puts his hands in my panties just running his fingers up and down the slit up to the clit just to make sure everything gets wet. now when i'm fingering myself i prefer a slower fingering as opposed to just a jabbing as someone suggested. what ill do is insert my middle and ring fingers in my vagina leaving the first and pinky finger on either side as kind of a support for my hand... and place the heel of my palm on my clit and apply just a little pressure. then ill start moving my hand up and down slowly this allows my fingers to move in and out of my vagina while the palm of my hand stimulates my clit. its a great way to stimulate a lot of areas w/ just one hand. also moving in a circular motion feels good too...hope this helps


Posted: 05 Oct 05:10

My girlfriend likes this part the best;

Use two fingers and go inside slowly... (This is after foreplay but before she goes crazy) Move your fingers, in a certain rhythm/motion, very slowly inside. (For 5-10 seconds) Then slowly bring your fingers all the way out, while sliding them up across the clit. Then slowly bring them back into her vagina, while going over the clit again, and repeat. Get a good slow rhythm going. I haven't really tried going to to fast because she just loves everything done slowly. I guess the key is going slowly. Don't forget about kissing her and telling her how beautiful she is or how much she means to you. That may not sound like much but she WILL remember it afterwards.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:21

My girlfriend is very responsive when I insert my finger halfway into her vagina and circle her opening, applying medium pressure. After awhile I can add more digits to increase the pleasure.

Magic Man

Posted: 05 Oct 05:21

Thank you for saying that. Most guys don't think about these things, but a fingernail is very painful. It can cause scratches that can also lead to serious infections etc.

Something else, brush your teeth or use mouth wash before eating her out, it'a mentholated, and for some reason, that's always nice...


Posted: 05 Oct 05:21

I agree, the left side of my clit is more sensitive for some reason.


Posted: 05 Oct 05:21

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