OP: How long does fellatio normally last?

How long does fellatio normally last before the man is supposed to reach orgasm? I know this question sounds weird but I am curious.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:43


I have had man come at the first tough of my tongue and others not at all. I had one b/f who seemed not to be able to come in my mouth no matter how I tried. He found it very enjoyable and would come as soon as I took him into my vagina. I do not know why and neither did he.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:43

it depends on many things, can depend on how horny hte guy is, stress, whether you want to tease him, or want to give him a quickie, etc it depends on the moment. if its hte guys first blowjob he will prolly cum quicker than usual because its a new sensation and very much likes it, or he might not cum at all because he is to sensitive to it. it all depends...go out there and experiment.

the guys will hate it if u tease them and bring them to many climaxes but dont take them all the way...but if thats wat ur intending (ie teasing) then its perfect and he'll lust for you for a long time.

it is a bit of a weird question, cos all men wont orgasm wen you want them too or wen you think they are supposed too. however, dont stop asking, that's wat this discussion board is for.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:43

Brandye and Archer are right- Anywhere from immediately to forever depending on the mood. I last about 15 minutes when my partner concentrates on doing just that and its more like 1/2 hour when we're doing a 69 expressly for the purpose of coming together.

It can happen really quick when she surprises me or wants to do it in an unusual setting.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:43

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