OP: Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS)

I recently watched a documentary on this disorder.Yes it exists and is quite rare.It affects a small number of women around the world,and it's onset occurs around menopause or after the birth of a child,however it can vary.

The sufferer is constantly highly aroused,and this disorder should not be confused with nymphomania which is completely different.There is a consistent pulsating and throbbing feeling in the vaginal region which can be mild to extreme.Women who suffer from (PSAS)often have to orgasm at least 100 times per day,or roughly every 10 minutes.The documentary I saw was called "100 orgasms a day"

There is no cure for this disorder but it can be relieved with electro therapy which is shortlived.It is believed that the disorder stems from increased blood flow to the vagina,however this hasn't been shown to be totally conclusive as it could be a neurological problem also.

The documentary followed three American women with (PSAS) who coped in different ways.Two of the women were happily married and one was divorced as she was unable to discuss her problem with her husband.

Sufferers have to keep busy in order to keep their urges at bay,and sometimes even the vibration from the washing machine or dishwasher can trigger the disorder.

I found this program to be very interesting as it is a condition that I have never heard of.There is a support group on the internet, so any one who has the disorder can talk to other sufferers and find out more information about it.

I posted this because I feel that it is useful information and may be of interest to others.


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