OP: Who has had an affair with a married person, how it started and ended?

Sophomore college summer, babysitting for my married cousin. They were going out Sat. Night. He's a lousy dancer so she asked me to show him some Latin steps. He's a handsome Black guy, intelligent and physically fit. I'm in midthigh low rider shorts, low V cut top. I was Not flirting I was totally oblivious he was into me. It was meaningless at the time he was hold me too snugly. My first clue was later when my cousin was in the shower. He came up behind me in the small kitchen, reaching around, I said not to do that. Anywa there were more touching on other days, but I never told her. At some point I kinda liked it, so I would tease and flirt knot knowing I was liking this attention from a older guy. I was 19, he was 30. My mindset was what's a old 30 y/o going to do with me. One evening he came home early, I was feeding the baby, then gave him to him. He put his arm around my waist asking I wanted to have a baby some day? I know now it was the wrong answer, but I asked if WE were going to make one. He said he would like to try. I quickly realized and said I was only kidding. When my cousin came home, I said I'll call my Mom to pick me up, he offered to give me a ride so I said ok. In the car that evening was our first sexual interaction. I had on a loose low cut summer dress with flip flops. Anyway, his hand landed on mine lol, I kinda shyly held it. Next our hands were centered in my lap, then to my knee and upper thigh. You know how a short loose summer dress can ride up when sitting in a car... anyway he was holding my hand and by now his fingers were running up n down my inner thigh and I was getting turned on.
It was dark out and he parked down from my driveway. Lots of trees and one dim streetlight. I was about to get out, but he asked to talk. He said he was sorry for coming on to me, and he meant no disrespect, but he really liked me, that he knew I was just teasing him. I said I wasn't teasing him, I liked him also, but don't want any problems. Now his hand was up my dress and I moved closer to the center peace when he moved his hand from under my dress to my waist pulling me close to kiss. First holding my face, then to my tits. I just held his arm. He said this was awkward so knowing better, I agreed to sit in in the back with him. Talked a bit, then there was touching. I said I had to go my parents will wonder where I am. A final looong kiss, his hand up my dress massaging me over my pantie.
Two weeks later and a few more hot interactions last one being in his lap making out, touching each other intimately, that is when he told me he wanted to make love to me.
This night they came home from date night,,she was out of it bombed. She went right to bed. It was very late so I told my Mom I would be home in the morning.... I was sleeping on the couch in my shorts and a long T. Shortly after she went to bed, I woke with him rubbing my inner thigh. I didn't move, he may have thought I was sleep, he unzipped my shorts slowly pulling them to my knees. First fingering me a little, then moving pantie to give me oral, i moved enough for him to get my shorts off. The oral spwas soooo good I couldn't help from moving my hips asking what was he doing? He said she's knocked out, he was only going to eat my pussy like never before, his words. Omg! did he make me cum intensely. He opened his robe holding his cock asking if I wanted to moisten it, I had not realized how large it was until it was out of his pants. I stroked and sucked IT a few minutes, then he slowly made love to me. He didn't fuck me, it was great, nothing like I had ever had before then. I had not had sex in months, so he said i was good and tight. He said his wife was on her period, so it had been days of him. I asked him not to cum in me, I'm not on anything, but when it happened, I didn't want him to stop. The first was like 5 minutes, but the next was much longer, cumming on me again. Yeah I showered, when we finished. We had a lot of sex, I learned a lot including how to give a proper BJ. This lasted into the fall when I would come home mostly just to benwith him. However, my sister asked one day if there was something going on between us. We saw him in the super market and I kinda lit up, as per my sister. My sister told him what ever it was to leave me alone.

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A note to you younger women... don't underestimate a older guy. I was lucky he wasn't a jerk. He never forced me to anything, even after he gave me oral, he would ask if I wanted to try. Later in the affair, I mostly gave him oral when I the mood which was often. I liked the idea we could talk through sex, and oral. He said his best treat was me on top cowgirl. I hate to say I'm thinner and better looking then my cousin, his wife, but it's true. She hardly ever got on top, other then some variation of missionary. Generally I like being on top for control, but I liked doing it for him. His simple pleasures were taking my top off and bra, then taking loose my hair which is almost to my waist. Wtf, he liked it, not all guys do. Same with vaginal hair, so I always left some, basically bikini safe. As you can tell, I fell in love with him, still care for him, but No way now. I was soo fucked up in the head I tried getting pregnant when I went back to college that fall, I was 20 by then.

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