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Over the years, many questions addressing breast size have shown up. There are no magical pills or potions to grow your breasts. Your mother has already established most of what you will grow. The bigger message is that presentation is more important than size. In other words, show them off to your advantage and this begins with a properly fit bra. Many places on the web, and most discount and department stores will make two measurements: around the rib cage under the breasts and around the fullest part of the breast, usually over the nipples. From these two measurements, and some will add a third under the armpits above the breasts, you are supposed to arrive at your correct bra size.

The problem is that we are shaped differently. Some of us are globular, some conical; some are wide set and some close together; some of us have broad shoulders and others narrow and sloped; broad backs with narrow waists are different from narrow backs and broader waists; some of us point outwards and some, straight ahead; some of our nipples point down and some up. A properly fitted bra is built for how we each are built and not for the generic woman. Here are the measurements that are taken for custom bras: Around: neck, armpits, fullest breast, ribcage, waist and hips. Vertical: tip of shoulder to tip of elbow, cleft on top of sternum to each nipple, center of shoulder to band line, band line to waist. Horizontal: nipple to nipple, shoulder tip to shoulder tip. Then, there are subjective considerations: full breasted, pointed, slope of the breast. Whilst a bra fitter may not take all of these measurements, she will be considering them as you try on bras.

Your bra, ideally, will meet four criteria: 1. Hold ‘em (what is the modern metaphor for “tit caught in a wringer?”). 2. Be comfortable. 3. Enhance your appearance (not necessarily your size) and, 4. Be reasonably attractive. A good bra fitter will know your priorities; the daily bra is usually in the order listed; for party wear, perhaps the reverse ( a platform, for instance, holds little but certainly shows them off); under polos or t’s, pick your own order; an intimate evening is all appearance and attraction – discomfort be damned!

Some manufacturers cater to full breasts and some to more typical or smaller breasts. Some seem to use forms that assume wide set breasts and others narrow, pointed ones. A bra fitter should be aware of all this. No, you will not get a bra on bargain getting this service but you will find out where to start and if you use a shoppe that carries popular brands, you will learn what models of what brands fit you in what sizes. Once every few years, you can pay full price and buy on bargain between fittings.

Many of us will spend hours and many pounds selecting our “special occasion” bras, platform, strapless, sheer, demicup, backless, deep plunge and so on, that we will wear for a few hours (or even minutes!) and reach for the bargain bin for every day bras. That is all backwards. We wear our “regular” bras day in and day out, often the first thing on in the morning and still be wearing it twelve or more hours later. These are the bras that need to be fitted carefully and properly for your comfort. Moreover, a properly fitted bra, properly cared will last far longer.

Your “presentation” requires matching the bra to the top you are wearing as well as proper fitting. The bra for under a blouse will usually not do it under a bulky sweater; demicups are only appropriate for sedentary business roles (unless you are advertising!). Your daily bra will not work for dressy occasions. Some wear the regular daily bra under all blouses and sweaters; others will want different effects with some of their tops. That is a judgment call. But each should be fitted and you will usually wear different sizes in the different models.

OK, you have your new bra wardrobe, how about care? Never wear a bra two days in a row. The modern fibres need to rest to maintain their shape. I have four daily bras – two white, one nude and one black – because I most commonly wear white blouses to work. Bras never go in the washer or dyer; soak for twenty minutes or so in mild soap or detergent solution (baby shampoo is great and rinses easily). Then hang BY THE STRAPS to drip dry. Children hangars are good. My bra fitter “gives” them out with bras. Store the bras folded flat or on the hangars. I pay a high price for each bra, custom fitted, but, in the long term, spend about the same as other women to comfortably hold ‘em.

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