OP: How long do you have to wait before doing a pregnancy test?

I'm worried that i might be pregnant. I am on Alesse birth control and i have been for about 10 months. During this month's cycle, I missed 2 pills in a row. My usual time is to take them at 9:30 pm at night and i took them at 5 am the next day. (this happened twice) 2 days later, i had unprotected sex with pull out at the only method. 5 days later, i had sex again on the weekend. (Once a day, putting on a condom 1/2 way through the deed). I'm supposed to get my period today or tomorrow and it hasn't come yet. I'm really worried, but I also know missed periods can be caused by stress and i have been really stressed out latley. And on my last week of the pill (before the placebos) I was on antibiotics, BUT the information sheet said that this antibiotic had no effect on birth control pills. When can I do a pregnancy test at home and get pretty accurate results?


Posted: 30 Sep 18:13


You can take a Home preg test now...take a few of them to feel better...and next time remember to take your pills. Sweating this out over being a day late is not cause for concern.

From what I read, if you missed a pill [for a full 24 hours] they say to take two the next day, and if you miss two consecutive pills to take two pills for the next two days. If a third pill is missed you re-start the pack. This being said; I would relax as long as you remembered & took it at 5 am--8 hours late.

Obviously there are always risks but I would say--relax.


Posted: 30 Sep 18:14

Most pills have about six hours of safety for the average woman built in. That is, the level of hormones in your bloodstream should not drop below a therapeutic level for about six hours. This can be affected by diet, weight, exercise and other things. Read the sticky Caution:Use Only as Directed for a review of how these things work.

If you are worried about"should come today or tomorrow" there is concern that you are mature enough to be handling the worrying thing each month. That is a drag.

Stay on the pill and usea condom every time and you will feel much better.


Posted: 30 Sep 18:14

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