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I don't know about anyone else but this web site was very helpful to me. I was not the most experienced when I got married. This web site provides educated informative tips, in a very classy way, that really work. The anal sex section allowed me to enjoy anal sex with my hubby. It's like sex school. I mean that in the most flattering way~ I have given this web site to everyone I know. Thank you for providing a safe environment to learn and enjoy. My hubby and I have been together 10 years, married for 5, and we still have an immense passion for each other. This web site gave us some new tricks. Thanks~


Posted: 06 Oct 23:44


I am certain the moderators and everyone else will find your feedback informative. Your input is so nice to hear since many spend time on their writings! It's great to see the information has helped you!

Best of luck and enjoy a great intimate relationship with your spouse! That is so imperative for strengthening marital bonding throughout time. :)


Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

You are very welcome. Glad we could be of help.


Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

Me three!


Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

Hi 2peepsnluv ... thank you very much for your feedback, it is always wonderful to hear that the site and forum are making a real difference to our readers.

Our regular Board members spend much time and effort sharing their experiences and giving advice to help others - our thanks to everyone who helps make a positive contribution! :)


Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

I agree! This website always gives me something to think about, it's nice to read other people's experiences and know you're not alone... I found this website almost 4 years ago after breaking up with a boyfriend and have come back on a semi-regular basis ever since either for advice, to offer my views to others, or just when i need a break from my work sometimes lol



Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

This site granted me the ability to triumph where all others had failed before.

My girl friend says I am able to satisfy her.

Thanks Sexinfo101 !


Posted: 06 Oct 23:45

Spread the word!


Posted: 06 Oct 23:46

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