OP: Polls coming soon... any requests?

Hey Everyone,

I've started writing the code to add Polls to the site... if you have any you'd like to see... please let me know!

Some already on the list:

Penis length & girth stats and preferences
Breast size stats and preferences
Sexual orientation
Oral sex preferences
Sex frequency preferences

Posted: 10 Apr 21:47


A fun question might be, how many have had sex with family members? Not Close relatives yuck! A in law situation, example, if someone was babysitting for her cousin and had an affair with her husband... ok you got me.

Posted: 11 Apr 20:25

That could be a tricky... It would probably need to be a checkmark type question too as I'm picturing your framing... and was hoping to keep the first implementation simple (1 answer only). The definition also varies greatly by culture (some cultures are ok with cousins, 2nd cousins, etc...)...

I'll mull on it to see what I can come up with. :)

Posted: 11 Apr 20:55

The question might be, if you have had sexual intercourse with a inlaw? Yes or no? If you want to dwell deeper, a second part could ask if they have had sex with a relative? With the option to explain on ether....
Like myself, I know a few of my friends have had inlaw sex.

Posted: 12 Apr 13:08

- I have
- I would
- I would not
- I'm not sure

Posted: 12 Apr 18:44

Polls sound great, keep up the work!

Posted: 18 Apr 13:42

Quite the list of them already!

For additions: How do you keep your own / how do you like you partner to keep their pubes

Posted: 20 Apr 16:52

Also - the usability is a little lame right now... having to go back twice after every vote.

Posted: 20 Apr 19:10

I'll add those shortly! I totally agree on the usability sucking a bit... it needs to be done with javascript - which I'm a near beginner with. I want to make it so that the poll opens when you click on it rather then having it open to a new page... I've done something similar before on another site I made, so I should be able to adapt that to here without too much trouble. I'll put it on the list for must-do this coming week.

Posted: 20 Apr 19:13

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