OP: My orgasms aren't satisfying...

I've been masturbating for quite some time and have brought myself to orgasm many times. However, my orgasms are never satisfying and never feel like people always say they should. I have yet to have sex...by the way. Also I can never seem wet enough to be fingered with more than 2 fingers...regardless of how turned on I am...does anyone have any suggestions?


Posted: 01 Oct 22:33


orgasms never feel the same for any two people.
you can't base your feel of them by someone elses description. you will be measuring yourself up to something that isn't you. you shouldn't do that.
it's like porn...never measure yourself up to porn. you won't win.

as for the fingering thing, i have issues having anything inserted in me bigger than a tampon. it hurts like a bitch.
it is more or less because of a genetic thing that makes me narrow and small. it is also because I am still somewhat new to sex, and so the slow stretching that will eventually take place, just hasn't taken place yet. as i said, it hurts, so when I ask him to stop, he does and we do other things.
anyways, I suggest trying astroglide personal lubricant or the ky personal lubricant. personally, I'd take the astroglide over the ky..although I'm sure they're about the same.
just from using a small amount of astroglide, i went from being only able to get a vibrator in (with like a 2 to 3" girth or something) an inch, to an inch and a half...and i wasn't very turned on at the time.
doesnt' really seem like a lot, but it helped immensely.
so try that.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:33

The simple thing would be to try trial and error.

First bring yourself off using only clitoral stimulation.

Then see if you can do it through just penetration (Quite likely not to happen but worth trying, also trying to find your g-spot would be time well spent ).

then try fingering yourself while massaging your clit.

Then try all the above while massaging your breasts and nipples, and find what you like the most.

Also you have to consider that when you do have sex your mind will be functioning totally different to when masturbating, you may be more moist, plus you will have different experiences and sensations that are just impossible to get through masturbation.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:33

We women have difficulty recognizing orgasms. Men do not have that issue.

I began playing with myself about the time I staarted getting my period and for about a year, felt as you do. I had little ups and thought they were orgasms. I really quite accidently did finally have an orgasm and then realized that I had not quite been getting there.

I have had patients with two or three children who finally had an orgasm who thought the little thrills they had had for years were orgasms. Their sex lives changed after that.

You may be in our category. Plenty of privacy, a good vibrator and a little time could be helpful.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:33

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