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While the clitoris is important and is one of the four female hotspots, it is NOT the only one. Dr. Graffenburg - finder of the G-Spot - himself said that if truly aroused there is no part of a woman's body that ISN'T orgasmic. Each woman has her own degree of sensivitity and each woman knows what she likes - listen to her and modify your technique as needed.

Herewith are the four major areas that will induce orgasms in women if correctly stimulated.

1. The clitoris - between the lips of the vagina up at the top where the lips join. Very sensitive so handle with care. Use hands, tongue, whatever she prefers.

2. The G-Spot - if she's on her back, the G-Spot is two knuckles in on the roof of the vagina. Using your hand, palm upwards, curl fingertips up then gently caress using a come hither motion while also moving entire hand in and out. Using your penis/dildo, press gently upward while moving in and out. In either case this is a small movements - no thrusting.

3. The Anterior Fornix - for skilled persons only - you must have the utmost of control when accessing this area. Above the cervix, further in from the G-Spot and on the same side (the roof) of the vagina as the G-Spot. Gently treat using the penis/dildo method as with the G-Spot. No thrusting EVER!

4. The Posterior Fornix - okay you can thrust now but ONLY after she's has already enjoyed an orgasm or two so her vagina has expanded and is ready to receive you. The posterior fornix is below the cervix, way in the back and on the floor of the vagina. Press down and caress. Small movements becoming thrusting is the desired crescendo here.

It is not necessary to draw rings around your penis - so far for the G-Spot, the anterior fornix, the posterior fornix - just remember where each spot is and how much of your penis remains outside of her.

You will notice when you're there by her reaction. Watch her closely. Learn to listen to her body and hear 'her' when 'she' talks to you. Some women are not very demonstrative so look for these INVOLUNTARY signs of orgasm:

1. flushing - some women turn pink some of the time
2. hard nipples - they become erect all on their own
3. dilated pupils - the black at the center of her eyes gets so big you cannot tell what color her eyes are anymore, and she can't see clearly
4. female ejaculate - some women get VERY wet some of the time
5. shaking - some women literally shake or tremble upon orgasm

There you go. See what you can do with this.

Be advised that once a woman has an orgasm - she gets a burst of energy and is ready for more orgasms, and more orgasms, and more.... Most men will satisfy without even coming close to exhausting a woman so do not try to tire her out, just try please her. For further information please see the sticky posts entitled "The Program" and "Body Worship".

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Actually, there are three more sources of orgasms not covered. The perineal sponge, the cervix and the introitus, Like the first 4 spots mentioned, proper stimulation is a must for these 3 as well, especially the cervix - no headbanging allowed.

The introitus is best stimulated with the flat of the tongue. One of my exes loved me spreading her labia open and going to town on her entrance. Another way is to use the guy's glans and ever so slightly popping in and out. Take care to leave the meatus portion of the penis inside so air doesn't come in (biggest source of queefs) and the introitus doesn't close completely. If that introitus closes, the head could collide rather than pry open the entrance. Like I said before, no headbanging allowed.

The perineal sponge is along the back wall halfway inside the vaginal barrel. Proper angle is pretty easy with this one, just ride high so the penis is pointing to the woman's tailbone and you should be good to go. Like the g-spot, this area is a pretty sturdy spot. Added bonus is once you angle it properly the shaft of the penis can rub the clit pretty well (also depends on the woman's C-V distance).

Regarding stimulating the cervix, this is the trickiest part. Therer are two ways to rub this spot properly.

I've had success stimulating it with the coronal ridge of my glans on the outstroke. Once you get past the cervix to get to the postrior fornix, retract the penis until you feel that pop. Don't retract it too far or the os comes back down for a headlong crash (similar to the entrance pop, but about 3 inches deeper). Retract it far enough so that a little movement in gives that popping sensation again. The pop is when the os rubs up against the glans sideways. I've witnessed orgasms from that twice. It's very rare to find a woman who will orgasm this way, but the stimualtion is pretty trance-like.

The other way was her all the way, I just laid back and enjoyed it. She got me in reverse cowgirl with her leaning forward and using my frenulum nudging back and forth on her os.

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I totally agree with this :) And I'd like to add a few personal favorites:

As for the introitus; while she's on top, you can add stimulation of this area during penetration by firmly cupping her buttocks and pressing them upwards. It basically narrows the vaginal entrance. Or she can do this herself. I tend to do it more effective myself actually ;)

Do keep in mind that the edges of the vagina can be extremely sensitive. Personally; as much as I love this type of stimulation, particularly during and right after menstruation I can't bare having it stimulated and prefer a one time penetration and for him to stay inside deep. So; if she did like it the other time, don't assume she always will and vice versa. This goes for any type of sexual stimulation actually; it's all just because we're organic and not mechanic.

Men; if your penis is curved, make use of it! :) For example; my ex-lover had an upward curved penis, meaning that rear entry was perfect for stimulating the perineal sponge.

For the ladies: I actually find doggystyle ideal to easy shift the angle from g-spot to perineal sponge stimulation. Since all I have to do is either put my chest down on the bed (butt comes up an inch) or prop myself up with my arms straight under my shoulders (butt goes down an inch) or even sit up. As much as this is considered a male superior position, your maneuverability can put you in control!

I'm not sure about the instruction for stimulating the cervix with a "pop". I can't really say what it feels like to a man (allthough I know my ex-lover found it very stimulating, just as much as I do :)). From my point of view, I'd describe it as a light rubbing; the head of the penis right under and against the cervix, making a small horizontal movement. The rubbing created by a combination of the rim of the corona and the skin of his penis moving along the cervix.

I'd also like to point out the cervix can be sturdy (like the tip of a nose), but also very soft (like an earlobe) and can be in a slightly different position, depending on where she is in her cycle. So you should be prepared to have to locate it each time.

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