OP: Getting hard with new women

I don't know if I have a problem or not, and I need some help..

I've been with the same woman for 13 years and about six months ago we decided we needed some time apart. Our sex was always great and I never had problems getting aroused. Since our separation I've been with two women and I've had some problems getting hard. Both woman have been very beautiful and we had great foreplay. Do I have anxiety issues? Did I get too comfortable with my previous partner?

Please help!!!!

BTW I'm almost 30...


Posted: 28 Sep 22:03


Maybe you feel guilty for sleeping w/ other women? and your body is telling you something.
I mean why did you guys decide to split up?? is she dating/sleeping w/ other people?


Posted: 28 Sep 22:03

Random guess, you have been with your other partner (the one for 13 years) a long time & it's now effecting sex with ANY other woman. It's pretty common! And understandable from a woman's point, we have been there too.

Just work through it slowly...

After I was divorced (together 12 years or so) I felt like I was cheating! It was SOOOO awkward!


Posted: 28 Sep 22:03

I actually used to have issues in college with one night stands...and no it wasn't always the alcohol. I had been plenty experienced with sex prior to college, but not a one night hook-up. Every single time I tried I could not get it up (except with take control types of girls). The more I thought about it the worse it got. So, no advice on the whole "used to be married" front, but I can commiserate about anxiety based performance issues...it really sucks.


Posted: 28 Sep 22:03

Reasons behind the seperation are not sex related...thanks for all your advice. I guess it'll pass, I mean when I do finally get hard the sex is great, just kinda embarassing. I stall as long as possible till I get hard LOL. My oral skills are sure getting a workout :)


Posted: 28 Sep 22:04

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