OP: What are your Fetishes?

What are yours? Describe them or just a few words....

or if you can't fully describe them, feel free to email them...trying to get some ideas....

Ideas or what have you already done?....

What would you like to do?


Posted: 02 Oct 21:05


my main fantasy is sex out in the woods or in a park somewhere, under the stars on a nice night, maybe just a little chilly so that we have to keep close to stay warm, but not too cold. a couple of blankets, maybe some wine to go along with the rest of the mood of the night. i want it so bad.


Posted: 02 Oct 21:05

Oooo sex in the woods... thats one of mine... but not under the stars with a blanket, more like under the full moon, with my man... not that i have one but ya know... a big, sexy man...


Posted: 02 Oct 21:05

I'm sure I've got lots stored in my little brain but here are the few (which do seem highly unoriginal) that are at the tip of my tongue.

1. Still in college, had sex in an academic classroom once and made it a goal to try and have sex in each academic building before graduating. Campus police now monitor buildings at all times, boo

2. I live in a city where sex shops are quite numerous and I'm always highly attracted to those huge porn star shoes. I've always wanted to wear a pair while having sex, with sume cute matching underwear set.

3. A night on the town where I get to get all dressed up and then end up at a classy hotel with a big fluffy bed...

4. I've never actually tried anything too kinky outside of sex in that classroom and on my desk, but I always get pretty excited when I read about sex with handcuffs (not the pink fuzzy kind) etc.

5. Never had a "quickie." My life has no time, haha. One day, when my life calms down, I'd kinda like to be pulled into some random room with my boyfriend for a five minute "break."

Don't think these ideas are all too unique, but maybe they can get you thinking about something or the other.

S's Gurl

Posted: 02 Oct 21:06

Being forced apon is really kool . ( as long as it is not really being forced ) I mean like them controlling u.

Oh yea, another one of my fantasies is the whole doing it when the only light is by candles, and when u have a ton of time to slowly build up to any action u take. ( i dont know if its a real " fantasy" but u were asking for ideas and this makes a great evening )

Anyhows good luck with whatever u are doin.


Posted: 02 Oct 21:06

i love a man with facial hair or with the kind of messy look about him...like if he's wearing a suit to have the jacket off, sleeves rolled up, and tie undo a little....:p


Posted: 03 Oct 00:01

Sensual bondage, like silk scarves etc - I like for my Fiancee to dominate me occasionally.


Posted: 03 Oct 06:26

OK. When me and my girflriend decided to share each other's fetish's with each other, I was took off-guard. She warned me before hand, that it was a weird fetish. And had me not to promise not to laugh and tell her mine (which I promised was probably worse. And it wasn't).

And she has a pissing fetish (water sports). My fetish: Public Sex.

I must admit, my girlfriends fetish disgusted me at first. But now I've sort of became interested.

Now, I'm assuming we're all anonymous here (I am, I know I wouldn't come to a sex forum and tell everyone who I was). So, it would be safe to answer this question.

We all have fetish's that are sort of dirty. That could disgust someone else. So when I ask this question, I don't want some lame answer like "I like my ear licked!". I want a real answer. One that you would be embarassed about if you weren't anonymous.

What is YOUR dirty little fetish?


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

I've got some fetishes...


I like putting on women's clothes, it feels hot and erotic, it's a private fetish of mine. I like putting on bras/panties, lingerie, skirts, leg pantyhose, blouses, etc. Even women's makeup like lipstick. Try to dress up as a real lady and stand in front of mirror and admire myself. I would never walk out in the public like this or anything dressed up as a real woman, it's just something I like to do privately in my own time. What inspired me to try something like this? I think it was the time when I was a teenager, my younger brother wanted to be a woman for Halloween, so my mother let my brother borrow some of her clothes for him to dress up as a real woman. Straight guys dress up as women for Halloween all the time. That's what inspired me to try crossdressing 'cause it looked fun. I don't have women's clothes at this point since I live alone but I plan on buying some soon. Crossdressing really is a hot way to masturbate and really does give you strong orgasms. I find putting on women's clothes is much more comforable then men's clothing. No wonder transvestites and transexuals love to wear women's clothing. That doesn't make me a transvestite for crossdressing in my own privacy.

Women's backs

A woman's bare back is my favorite part of a woman's body that's non-sexual, it's a turn on when women wear clothing that make their backs expose. I have a fetish for women's backs. I would love to learn to massage and give back rubs. Aw man, it would be mind blowing if I give women back massages with their shirts off and their breasts pressing against my legs. If I ever get the opportunity to sleep with a woman one day, I'd make love to her back up and down all over. It's kind of a same thing with men having a foot fetish with women, but with me, I have a back fetish with women...

Sex with an older woman

I have a fetish for older women. I like mature women very much. I'm 28. I love women between 30-50. There are mature women in middle ages who can be very hot and sexy. Those days with couples of having sex in the same ages are over. There are many couples with age differences out there now.

Sex with a black female

I love black women. If I were to have a serious relationship with a woman, I'd love to have a black girlfriend. I've met some very nice black women in the past that I wouldn't mind dating. I really like dark skinned women. And I hear that black women are much wilder and much better at sex though...

Muscular Men

Another fetish of mine I wouldn't release to the public or anyone I know. Unless of course, if I get a future girlfriend that enjoys "man on man action", then I might take it into consideriation to tell her that I'm a little bi-curious 'cause it may turn her on. I like muscles and working out, I'm average built but not much but I do exercise regularly. But when I see pictures of muscular men like you see in model pictures and muscular magazines, I do kind of get turned on.

There's some I can name. Maybe more later.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

Well, I'll be brave.

I always had a thing for the rape fantasy. That is definitely a fetish since most "normal" people would not want to do that. And I'm not saying I would really want to be raped. Have to be careful there. I know if I had been really raped I would feel different about it and I feel bad for women who have actually been raped. It's just a fetish and turns me on, to do a "play rape". Forceful, aggressive, etc..

But then I like playing the dominant role too, on the flip side. I'm not a true sadist/masochist because I would never want to inflict pain on someone, or be in pain. Owww, I'm a wimp. lol. But I do like to slap my boyfriend's bare ass when he's unsuspecting and leave a little handprint.

I also like being spanked.

I've been a bad girl, should I go to your room?

ha ha.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

I really have a thing for both taking control and being controlled. I'm not into the full picture of BDSM, but just the very light bondage part. I would love to tie my grilfriend down and just pleasure her in anyway I can. Also wouldnt mind if my girl did the same for me. I'm just too embarrassed to come out with it in case she thinks it strange. We all have our own little quirks.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

I'm all over the aggressive, dominant sex thing.... thats HOT. I consider myself to have a very strong personality. In most things and in most relationships, I find myself pushed into the leadership role, whether I want to be or not. But when a man takes total control, forces me to his will, COMPLETLEY dominants me... oh lord! Nothing turns me on more. Just to be clear, this doesnt mean I'm complacent about the whole situation; biting.... hair pulling, fighting back... that just makes everything better!


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

I just like it when my man is wearing one of his camo print tshirts... mmmmm.... not really a fetish but something that turns me on

Something about army guys...


Posted: 03 Oct 22:19

I enjoy eating out a woman when she's on her period. Yes, I think it tastes better.

I also have ... another fetish that's related to rather serious D/s situations... and I keep it pretty private.


Posted: 01 Jan 00:02

Fetishes, I have a few. Mutual masturbation until we climax..... playing with his penis, When he stays over, waking and playing with it. No penatration or oral, just fondle it. And I enjoy jerking him off slowly, kinda tease thing stopng when he wants to cum until I ready to see him explode. Sex in the car, the back seat. It's sooo close and personal.

Posted: 16 Apr 14:13

I’d say my biggest one is taking part in a MFM/sharing my girl. I wish I had a better understanding of why I enjoy it’s so much. I think a lot of it has to do with knowing my girl is doing it to both please me and to please herself...experience someone new. I’m not bisexual and my focus is alway on pleasing her. I love the idea of my girl feeling desired by another man, I want her to feel sexy and desired. I’ve rarely felt jealously and I can separate sex from love. My other fetish is seeing myself cumming on a woman. Ive asked my current girlfriend to take part in a MFM where she would suck another guy until he cums in her mouth or on her face. She is the best lover I’ve ever had and we share a connection and chemistry that’s amazing. She is your average girl next door type and you’d never know what an amazing and giving lover she is....she is also a squirter and that always makes me feel like I’m a pro, even though it’s just biology and I got super lucky. She is submissive to my more dominate nature. I love this girl.

Posted: 15 Dec 02:58

This is going to sound super fucked up but this one thing gets me off like nothing else....sharing my serious girlfriends with other guy, more than one guy if she wants it. I first like to watch my girl being as slutty as possible with another guy...I wanna see another man pound on and use every one of my girlfriends holes.....I especially like it when my girl will suck a stranger off knowing she is going to swallow his cum...but not before she opens her mouth to show me another mans load in her mouth...I love fucking my girl right after she has fucked another guy and he unloaded inside of her pussy....it’s so fucked up because I have no homosexual fantasies...I just wanna see my girl loving the attention of multiple guys. I’d love to watch my current girlfriend Clair take part in a gangbang....I’ve never been the jealous type of guy....I’ve shared lots of past girlfriends in MFM threesomes...I use to date this cute chubby blonde that absolutely loved to get the double sucking from me and my best friend....I count count the number of times my buddy butt fucked her hard while she sucked me off

Posted: 10 Apr 20:11

My ex girlfriend use to love that I shared her...she was so sexy, great boobs and she was such a whore...she loved to please me and that meant she would allow me to set her up with other guys. My girl would love it when I’d let complete strangers go bareback with her..she was scared but she was also willing.. I can’t count count how many times she tired to make another man cum while I watched and jerked off....I love this girl so much...she would also look right in my eyes, as another man was fucking her, of if she was being ass fucked, she would look at me while being drilled hard. She would always save me for last, she knew I would explode from seeing her with a man. I once took her on a ski boat, I invited some of my guy friends out on the boat. My 3 friends stared at my girl all day long, she was plump but very sexy, long thick dark hair, tan skin, fun to be around. She had on her black bikini, it showed her cleavage and tummy off. She had such great boobs, the cold water made her nipple rock hard, she teased and flirted with my pals....I knew where this was going in a grunt My buddies fed her booze all day long, Isa was so sloppy drunk...she had skinny dipped with the guys. She had all three of the guys rock hard when they came out of the water. I whispered to Isa she better stop teasing these guys...they may just do something to her...Isa asked me if it would be okay with me is she sat at the back of the boat as I drove home....I told her just as long as she tells me the detail later. Isa kissed me then she stumble to the back of the boat in between two of my buddies. Isa had one hand on each of there cocks, I saw her spit on her hand and then start to jerk my friends off. I heard my girl moaning, she loved to get a guy off. I skeptical looking back and I was seeing more and more. I saw my girl take my buddies cock deep in her mouth, I knew the way that Isa was moaning...she knew he was going to cum. I knew that Isa was looking up at my buddy, he was looking down a my girl, fuck she was his girl right then, I knew that ISa was swallowing cum just feet away from me. I then saw my next friend pull off her bottoms. I watched her jack him off, she had both hands on his cock. She was whispering into his ear. When I looked back at her again...I saw that her bikini bottoms where gone, she was on her back in the middle of the boat and she had my friend on top of her. My other two friends where kneeing next to her playing with her tits, I could see my girl had a cock in each of her hands and she had one in her pussy, her legs where spread wide and I heard her sweet voice, she was begging for my buddy to cum in her. I then saw my other friend start to fuck my girls pussy, I knew that he came hard, now see had her pussy filled with two loads. OMG I’ve seen this all before, seeing my girl, her asking for another mans cum...she finally give me release and she allows me to ejaculate, onto her tits, she looks amazing covered in semen.

Posted: 16 Apr 02:13

What are your Fetishes?

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