OP: What Email Notifications would everyone like?

I'm assuming most people would want an email when there is a reply to their post.... Perhaps when there is a reply to a post they have participated in...

Any thoughts?

Posted: 27 Dec 07:36


yeah when someone has commented on that post or replied to it with copying some of it then answering it more, if i can help with something, just email me.
im just happy this website is back again to learn more and catch up with past people, sorry to hear dancingdoc2 has passed away. always good information from him with interesting reads

Posted: 28 Dec 12:33

Very sad indeed. Even sadder was that I've been meaning to get in touch with him for some time to thank him for his past dedication... and now I can't. :/

If anyone is thinking about reaching out to the past... time is not your friend... don't wait!

Re: help...

Much appreciated... Feedback is likely the biggest right now... Although we're at almost 700 users in the new system already, not hearing very much from people as you can see in this forum... Likely related to most users being on mobile... and likely not even realizing there is a forum here! Though I'm sure quite a large percentage also just wants to use the checklist feature, not chat with people... :)

If you have a bunch of devices, like mobile, tablet and computers with different screens... it would be really helpful for people to identify things they don't like for prioritization...

Posted: 29 Dec 23:17

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