OP: To the anti-abortion protesters...

This is to all protesters at abortion clinics.

As a girl, young woman, or even adult woman walks into a stressful, horrifying, and excruciating ordeal she is met with the stares of onlooking protesters, voices of inconsiderate people with their contradicting sounds, and the pictures and posters of what she is terminating. Protesters are inconsiderate, and very hurtful people that have no idea what that person is going through, they have no right to be there attempting to convince them against their already decided decision despite whatever the constitution or any other United States documentation says.

When you stand with your posters, your pamphlets,and the worst of all, your judgmental stares do you really realize what you are doing to the person you are shaming? Do you understand that the person you are degrading by not respecting their decision is most likely going through the hardest situation of their lives? Those people you are harassing with your rights, and your ethics and your morals are not being helped by you. They are being damaged.

Can you honestly say that you have been through what the patients have been through? You do not know why they are doing it. The ONLY way to fully understand what is going on is to have them tell you, which should be none of your concern. If you have never had an abortion then you can never even imagine what types of things these women go through.

What right do you have to tell someone what is right and what is wrong? You don't. Despite whether you are doing it for your religious preferences or your own beliefs where does it say that your opinion is right? You are not God, you have no right to tell people what to do and you never will. I know their are rules and rights these protesters have; as long as you are on public property you have the right to protest. Does that make it right? Yes, some things should be protested but abortion is a private ordeal and should be kept private.

Protesters have good intentions and I acknowledge that. They feel passionately about a situation and want to show the world their morals. They want to help the patients and show them a better path according to them. Anything is possible.

What protesters do is not for the patient, it is for themselves. They feel that abortion is wrong, They feel their is a better alternative, They feel killing is wrong, They feel anything is better than abortion. Protesters do not realize that when they stand at their stations, and when they glare into the backs and body's of those women they are not doing it for life but for themselves.

If you want to stop abortion then you have a right to your opinion, you have a right to try to persuade people to a different path. What you should not have a right to do is to hurt people while you are searching for what you want. You want people to be aware of other options? Set up a help line, or give your pamphlets to women who request them. When women go into an abortion clinic their decision has been made, whatever their reason usually they stick to it, help the women that haven't, don't further damage the ones who have.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:02


i really enjoyed reading this post, i also agree, having been through an abortion this year myself, i can fully sympathise with those having to go through it, it is one of thr worst things you can ever go through, and i think about it ever day with out fail, the judgements people can make really just make you feel worse, its ok to have your opinion, but its not okay to make others feel bad with it, especialy if theyre about to, or have had, an abortion x


Posted: 30 Sep 19:02

We all want to eliminate the need for abortion because there are consequences for all involved. Women need to have all the options laid out for them and they, and they alone, make an excruciating decision. The UK NHS requires that all women seventeen or older be referred for abortion at their request. Many European nations have this requirement.

It seems that the US is the main holdout on both the death penalty and humane treatment for women in reproductive stress. I hope my Yank friends do not personalize this but the US has not ratified the International Treaty on the Rights of Women; nor the one on the Rights of Children. I wish you could join me for the next fortnight doing surgery in Angola. The entire world wants leadership from the US but there are too many Americans who refuse to see anything beyond their own neighbourhood or church.

We, in Europe, have very high hopes for Mr Obama. The very people Sess talks about so clearly and so well are the ones who can prevent the US from maintaining the leadership the world so desperately needs. Hold you head up Sess; you faced your responsibility and made the decision right for you.


Posted: 30 Sep 19:02

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