OP: Married man wanting to try gay sex

OK, first of all if it werent for the anonimity(sp?) of the internet there is no way I could ask these questions...

I am a married guy in his mid 30's living in San Diego. I want to experience male on male sex. I have no desire to leave my family, I just want to experience the sexual side of it....perhaps experience it often!!!!

I have a whole bunch of questions...Let's see, where do I start?

OK, finding somebody. Sure it seems easy, but it isnt for a guy like me. I have looked at ads on craigslist and even responded to a few but that didnt work out and to be honest, who in the heck is really posting that ad anyway??

The sex part. I just want to experience it. I've had my crank sucked and I know what feels good...I think I could do a pretty good job at that. What I really want it to have somebody give it to me, you know slide the meat in me!! LOL That is what I a craving. With that being said, there are still a few issues. I've tried using one of my wife's dildos that was about the same size as my cock...I lubed it up and sat on it and was able to get it in a little...maybe two inches then it stopped and there was a painful barrier. Even though I want to have a dick in me, how in the heck am I going to pull that off?

What position would be best for me to attempt to take it in? Having him lay on his back while I try to sit and insert it? Me on my back with legs up? From behind? Does having your feet in a certain position (heels in or heels out) make a difference??

Im looking forward to your comments.


Posted: 30 Sep 07:40


I know that I'm not gay, or even bisexual. I enjoy anal penetration, but I'm just not attracted to men. That's where my wife comes in. Have you ever thought of having your wife use a strap-on on you? For one thing you will not be cheating on her. Another is you won't be exposing her to possible STD's that you may come in contact with. "Role reversal" is something both sexes can enjoy.

As for insertion, it just takes patience and a lot of lube. Don't just try and stick something in. Work you way up to a size. Start with one finger, get comfortable, then go to two, and so on. When my wife is going to use a strap-on on me we have to take a minute to work up to it. The one we use is actually pretty big, so I usually use a butt plug or she'll do the progressive fingering method before she penetrates me with the dong. If you don't do it properly, you can get hurt, bad. Hope I helped.

Buck Naked

Posted: 30 Sep 07:40

I agree with what your saying Buck, but my wife would think the whole strap on thing is weird...not sure she would go with that.

As far as STD's go, there would HAVE to be condoms...nuttin's happening without them.


Posted: 30 Sep 07:41

You may be surprised at what goes through your wife's head. I was stunned that my wife was into it. We we're watching an adult movie one evening and there was a little clip (under 5 seconds) of a girl doing a guy and from there it was clear by her actions that she wanted to try it. I mentioned it one night while in bed and the rest is history.

It's funny because I did have a couple of girlfriends mention it when I was younger, but of course the immature homophobia kicked in and I quickly shot the idea down. My point is that there is a pretty good number of women out there that, at a minimum, are curious about it.

I know that as we grow up we are conditioned to reject anything outside the "normal" range when it comes to sex even when it's something that we desire. Your wife may give you a response that she thinks you want to hear. I know my wife told me that it was an awkward thing to bring up. A serious discussion of what BOTH of you want to try would open many doors for you.

I guess I would love to see you keep you desires within the confines of your marriage. Just think of the reaction of your wife to find out you're cheating on her....with men. It's staggering to think of the hurt that that could cause. Not that it would be much better if it was with a woman, it would just be less confusing.

If you are attracted to men and want to experience that, then I'm thinking the strap-on route may not scatch that itch. Again, I think it's something to talk to you wife about, but that's just me. You're a big boy and you know what's best for you.


Buck Naked

Posted: 30 Sep 07:41

Definitely never know what's in a woman's head. My partner came to me quite embarassed to ask, blushing profoundly, and I was ecstatic! I'd been thinking about it for a long time, but didn't want to bring it up! He was more than greatful to find that I was excited about it.


Posted: 30 Sep 07:41

What if I come into a situation with another man and I want to experience it?? A quote from my original post. I am not discounting the advice from Buck and Rouge, I just want to know in case it happens.



Posted: 30 Sep 07:41

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