OP: Pulling out for years- Never pregnant, problem?

Hi, I'm a newbie. After perusing the net looking for answers on BC, I found this message board. So, here's my first question hopefully there's someone super knowlegable on the subject...

Throughout most of sexual history I've never used any form of birth control other than the pull-out method. I've been in two long term relationships where this has been the case. One relationship lasted 5 years, we only used withdrawl. In the second, my now husband also 5 years, we have only practiced this method as well.

Reading up, I am finding that this method seems very ineffective with a 19% failure rate??!! So, how come I've never gotten preggers? Every visit to the gyn has been just fine, no previous or existing problems at all. Now that we're thinking of starting a family, I'm wondering if there will be a problem. How is it possible that no pregnancy has ever resulted in 10 years of using only withdrawl?

Has anyone else ever used this method so effectively?


Posted: 27 Sep 00:59


Though I'm far from super-knowledgeable, lol... I'll throw in my .02.

Most likely you've just been lucky. If the guy could always reliably do it, pulling out would probably work fairly well. It's just that its not the natural (or easy) thing to do, and most people don't want to take the chance. With all the factors involved in getting pregnant, I'd say its not unreasonable to just say that you were in the small number of people for whom pulling out has worked

Now, I'll step aside for the experts...


Posted: 27 Sep 00:59

First of all... If you ahve used this method for years then you are damb lucky! There are only so many chances of not getting pregnant and you flew right past em. The thing is that when a sperm goes in you like it does in pre-cum there is only so much of
* It getting into you vagina
* Going up to your eggs
* Into your egg
* Not dying or withering away on it's way
So you are damb luck cuz all those percentages of those things happening you passed them all.
Also go to the doctor cuz of like what 10 years of doing that and not getting pregnant not even oce... which is like playing russian roulette... you may wanna go to the doctor to see if you can make babies. You may not be able to and that MAY be why you never did... cuz that many times of doing that you were lucky!
Let alone std's hiv/aid and stuff going around in the 90's that not all people knew what those were quite about yet so you were lucky
But check up on doing something with the doctor to see if you can conceive To see if you and baby making are hand in hand and work together k Hope all goes well


Posted: 27 Sep 01:00

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