OP: What are your fantasies?

So I was just wondering what sort of fantasies some people had. Whether extremely sexual or maybe not so much. I know this has probably been asked before but Usually they exempt the mild or cliche ones. I'd like to hear it all.

Something I've always wanted to do was go to a club wearing a small skirt and be dancing with my significant other. As we get into the music we both move as close as humanly possible and with or without anyone else noticing his hand slides up the skirt while we're in the middle of the dance floor. Whether it would go any farther would probably all depend on mine and my SO's comfort and whether the heat of the moment really made it go that far. For me as well as my current boyfriend, the slight fear of being caught is definitely a turn on.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:24


Some mild to more elaborate fantasies I can think of presently. I would like to have sex in a movie theatre. As a minimum, at least finger her and have her give me a hand job. Would probably need to hit a early matinee to pull this off. I would also love to have her go to a clothing optional beach with me and just enjoy laying out naked with each other and having others around.

I was at a beach once and noticed a couple off in the distance with her on top of him and she was rising up and down. Finally noticed she was topless and they were having sex. The beach was fairly empty and there were only a few other people on the beach. But it looked so fun and is a fantasy I would like to do.

My ultimate fantasy would be to go to an adult motel/resort for a few nights or a week and enjoy sitting in the hot tub naked. An added bonus would have one or more of the other couples start giving their partner oral and we would join in. Having her give me oral on the edge of the hot tub and me doing the same for her in front of others would be hot. Another thing would be to go have sex in the room with the curtains open or on the patio of our unit with other poeple walking by and then as we would walk around, catching others having sex. The first ones are fantasies that may happen, the last one probably will never happen.

Thought I would add a few fantasies that did happen. One was to have sex on our boat which has happened a few times. It is so nice to be out in the sun and get naked and then get some good sex in. Easy clean up to just jump in the water. Another is to have sex outdoors (other than the boat). We've been able to do this out hiking. We stop to rest and I will usually start rubbing her tits and slip down her pants. Then we just go from there. Once we went for just a short hike to eat some lunch. She had on a pull over shirt under a nice denim dress jacket. I suggested she try the cosmo look for me, no shirt or bra, just the jacket. The view was so nice and it wasn't long before I just had to touch that nice soft skin. She laid back and let me open the jacket so I could kiss and lick her tits. Of course that lead to me kissing and moving down on her. Slipped the belt open, unbottoned the pants and got to give her some good oral. So after awhile, there she was with nothing on but a jacket and totally turned on, so she insisted on getting all my clothes off so she could climb on top of me and f*** me good. Had such a good time. Only repeated that once or twice, but such a good fantasy turned to reality.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:24

My fiance has said no to my fantasy, which I didn't expect. I want to find a really hot girl (preferably dark hair, round ass and C-cups) and I want him to have sex with her doggy style while she goes down on me. I want to have eye contact with him the whole time. We are fairly religious and we both have a feeling it isn't the "right" thing to do, but that's some of the fun.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:24

id like to tie her to a chair, blindfolded, teasing her body with a feather and some toys, getting her so worked up she fights against the restraints wanting it badly... eventually breaking out of the restraints and being quite aggressive with me, like throwing me back on the bed and sitting on my face etc -well really restraints/blindfold dont have to be involved, just i want her to be more aggressive forward just sometimes, even once would be nice-

also public sex is hot, like when we went to a park, we were sitting on a bench her in a long skirt with no underwear sitting over me, with my cock in her and she grinding her hips, or at a family bbq she had her family was in the other part of the courtyard, like only 10 meters away, still in plain view of teh members facing our way, and she was sitting over my lap in another skirt, where i was rubbing her clit and inserting a finger or two into her... more of those kind of situations, they are such a turn on with the idea of being caught.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:24

Mine is having sex on a huge cottage poarch while it is raining. The rain should also be cold so it makes both are bodies a little harder. also the poarch has to be looking out on a lake and another cabin!


Posted: 03 Oct 22:25

shower, pool, bath, spa, rain
can anyone say WATER?! :P
wall! beach at night, desk
my boyfriends house when nobody is home
my boyfriends room with the door closed, just to rebel against his mum :P
somewhere in the day time... like a park. if my boyfriend wouldnt burn up (he's a red head lol) i'd do it in a second.
hehehe it's so cute when he burns :P

p.s my friend has been fingered in a club whilst dancing and my boyfriend has had sex in the movies... (not with me lol)


Posted: 03 Oct 22:25

my fantasyyy would definitely have to be having to do with water(all having to do with sexual intercourse or other types of sex), eitherrr in the middle/near of/a waterfall, near the ocean right on the waterline of the beach, or just on a beach where the water is clear and its tropical, in a blazing sexy shower, on a big sexy raft in the middle of a public pool, in the middle of a public shower room with all the water turned on(no one there of course), something where it gets wet and wild, hehe :D :D :D :D


Posted: 03 Oct 22:25

I have some fantasies that are mild and others that would be more wild.
I would like to go hiking nude together with her.
Enjoy sex on a beach in Hawaii.
Give each other hand jobs in a movie theatre.
Watch her masturbate to completion.
Introduce a vibrator toy into our love life.
Have sex together with other couples in the same room so they could watch us and we could watch them as we f**ked each other.
Go to a clothing optional resort for a vacation and spend a week nude together.
Go on date with each of us commando and find ways to flash each other.
Have sex at her work and and mine.
Have her suggest some erotic adventure and carry it out.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:25

Thought of a good fantasy today. I was sitting in the sauna at the gym and thought how nice it would be to have her with me and naked just like I was. We could have a little oral and then move to intercourse before it got too hot in there and we would have to leave the room.

I did sneak into her locker room once at a hotel that had a sauna. We had agreed to sit in the sauna's for 10 minutes before changing and going back to our room. The hotel wasn't busy and so after I had gone into the men's locker room and she had gone in the womens, I quietly went in, slipped out of my swimsuit and joined her in her sauna. She was surprised to see me and thought it was fun, but she was so nervous someone might come in we weren't able to do anything. We did stay at a condo once and they had a coed sauna in the recreation center. I slipped my swimsuit off in there so it could dry and had a towel around me in case someone came in. But she did let me slip my hand under her bikini bottoms for some light fingering and she did some hand action on me. It would be nice to just go all the way in the sauna.


Posted: 03 Oct 22:26

- MMF or even MFF threesome.
- public places
- being tied or tying up
- bitten to the point of bleeding
- rape roleplay
- an orgy with a bunch of men


Posted: 04 Oct 01:06

Some of these I've done, fingered in the movie, given him a HJ... Frat party in a dark basement, dancing / grinding with my bf, short skirt on. He took it out placing IT between my thighs from behind. Sex in his parents bed, I hated his mom. Even did it with my gf and her bf in our basement, as we watch each other.
My bfs parents have a boat, my fantasy is to have sex on the deck out to sea, in the daylight.

Posted: 16 Apr 13:53

I have several very different fantasies.
1. I get a thrill out of imagining a friend of mine shagging my wife, while I watch and wank. It's even better if they tie me up first, and make me watch.
2. Although I have always been extremely heterosexual, and homophobic, and never meet or see in the flesh a man I fancy, I fantasise about having a sexual relationship with a good-looking, muscular, young black man. I often see pictures or film footage of young black men whom I fancy, I never fancy any of the ones I meet or see in the flesh. That's perhaps because the ones I meet always have clothes on.

Posted: 23 Apr 17:04

In wonder how many have had that sexual fantasy to be with someone out of their race? And how many have done so?

Posted: 24 Apr 20:24

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