OP: Add Ability to Change Genders

Sorry if this has been asked, but I think that providing the ability to modify/toggle the genders on the animated "participants" would go a long way. Or having sections for F-F, M-M, and F-M (pegging) in addition to the M-F that currently exists (since every position may not apply to every grouping and would likely need different names).

It would also be nice to be able to change race/color of the participants so that every image isn't white on white. (Add Black, Hispanic, Asian options that can be toggled for each participant so that covers interracial arrangements as well).

Posted: 25 Apr 16:40


This has been brought up a couple of times... No worries, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Although I would love to have that as well, the problem with that is one set of rendering all of the positions is upwards of 2 months of full time work... and getting longer with each addition. The three other scenarios you mention equate to upwards of 6 months... If you multiply that against each combination of the major race combinations... you've created years of work and a huge pain for adding new positions, of which I've got plenty on the to-do list... so it's not in the cards anytime soon. There is also the common request of a nude edition as well... which would double that total workload.

Posted: 25 Apr 19:18

How the heck does one post a new topic on here???

Posted: 25 Apr 21:59

There is a new topic button at the bottom of every forum... perhaps at the top would be better?

Posted: 25 Apr 23:04

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