OP: I'm not comfortable receiving oral.... [f]

I've been fine with giving my husband oral since our college days but for some reason I've never fully enjoyed or felt comfortable on the receiving end. I do orgasm sometimes but I enjoy manual play and sex in certain positions to be much more pleasurable. I know its not dirty or anything but it's just not my thing but I would like to be able to accept it. I'm sure some people would think that I'm sexually repressed but I'm not. I'm not from a religious household or have faced sexual abuse of any kind. So I just want to know if anybody had any ideas for me to get more comfortable receiving cunnilingus. I would rather not see a therapist if anybody is thinking of suggesting that.


Posted: 05 Oct 23:33


There's absolutely no reason you "have" to like it. If anything you probably won't just for the sake that it now has this extra mental baggage associated with it. My wife doesn't like it either, and we were pretty much 100% oral up till the point we started having penetrative sex back in the dating years. Just think of it this way, no matter what the restaurant or who the chef, some people just don't like chocolate cake.

Also, I read in there "because X is more pleasurable". This may be only my opinion, but only shooting for the top shelf orgasm can preoccupy a person, so that a standard issue orgasm makes you feel "cheated out". Just like, steak is my absolute favorite meal, but there are days I just really want plain old crappy pizza the most. Just because something isn't the best doesn't mean it's not fun to do.

My analogies aren't masking how hungry I am right now. :)

So for receiving oral, I'd say you've definitely given it the "college try", so don't fret. Who knows, maybe every few months or so, give it another whirl. Or, don't specifically do it for the goal of orgasm. Just do it for the fun of it, or for foreplay or whatnot. 5 minutes. That would at least take the pressure off of it, for both parties.

Take care...

Who knows it may come back later on.


Posted: 05 Oct 23:33

Try combining cunnilingus with manual G-Spot caressing - he can do two things at once can't he? Other than that, and following The Program, you should just RELAX. If he enjoys it you might consider permitting cunnilingus from time to time - but even steak gets boring if a steady diet.

Possible reason for NOT enjoying cunnilingus:
1. doesn't jive with ideas of masculine being dominant/feminine being obedient
2. prefers giving to receiving - more of a "pleaser" attitude
3. poor body image 'down there'
4. control issues - as in fears loss of

Just a few things for you to consider.


Posted: 05 Oct 23:33

Maybe try North Face? You control everything in that position... so you can figure out what works for you.

Posted: 04 Jul 02:40

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