OP: Ex-Gf just told me she is pregnant...

ok. me and my girlfriend broke up about 3 weeks ago. During our relationship we talked about abortion if she ever got pregnant and she said thats what she would want. Well she called me yesterday and said she is 4 weeks pregnant. two things.1) the last time we had sex is like 6 weeks ago 2)now she says its mine and she is having it. i am almost 18 and she just turned 18. im not ready and right before we broke up she said she wasnt! What should i do? She told me that she is not gonna get an abortion. Please dont give me your views on abortion, just what i should do?


Posted: 01 Oct 21:50


well what can you do?
i mean if she's made her decision i guess you have to go along w/ it. id definetly talk w/ her and not pressure her but make her think about her decision. point out that you two aren't even together anymore. what is making her want to keep it and change her mind from your previous plans?

first things first, i would definetly find out if it was even yours or not.
either before or after its born, have it tested to see. i mean you could be worrying over nothing.

it definetly sucks tho since you guys are already broken up. i mean you want to move on and then this happens.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:50

Pretty much, ditto, to demonbuttercup's answer.

I won't even bother to ask if you were using birth control- I really don't want to know- but if she is pregnant then half the responsibility of that is your's (if the baby is your's- find out!). You may have to get some legal advice as to exactly what you are obligate to do- that would be MY next step after finding out if the child was mine.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:50

Sorry dear but you play you pay. If she does keep it and it is yours then you need to do what you can. If that means standing up and being the best father you can or signing your rights away and letting someone else do it. Whatever you now have to face your responsibilites no matter what those might be. Good luck.


Posted: 01 Oct 21:50

I sense an implication in your post that you think you might not be the father. (Counting weeks is not very accurate in the early stages, so be prepared to discover that you are.)

You need legal counsel.

In other words, what you should do is contact an attorney... I'll assume you've both already told your parents. (I've seen cases where parents were able to negotiate a reasonable settlement of how to handle the situation, but it's rare.) Depending on your relationship (friendly or hostile) with the girl, you might also try going to a planned parenthood or teen pregnancy progrma together.

Welcome to the real world... listen to your child calling, "Ready or not, here I come."


Posted: 01 Oct 21:51

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