Sex Polls

Question Responses
Have you ever received a pegging? (with a strap-on) 488
Have you taken part in a FFM threesome? 487
Have you ever had a friend with benefits? 445
Do you enjoy performing anal play? 421
How many dates before having sex with a new partner? 408
Have you ever had sex with an in-law? 388
Have you experienced "blue balls"? 388
How hard do you like getting spanked? 385
What penis length do you prefer? (on your partner) 350
What do you consider the sexiest part of a man? 311
How many fingers do you like to be fingered with? 310
What is your breast size? 299
How hard do you like to spank your partner? 297
How long do you want your male partner to last? (intercourse only) 274
Have you ever experienced female ejaculation? 272
Do you enjoy receiving a pegging? 226
What do you wish your breast size was? 222
Have you ever performed a pegging? (with a strap-on) 202
Do you enjoy performing a pegging? 136