69 Position


The old saying goes, it's better to give then it is to receive... but when it comes to sex, we find it best to give and receive at the same time! The 69 family of sex positions consists of those alignments where two sexual partners perform oral on each other at the same time. Great for both warming each other up or as the main event... and for some added fun, whoever stops or cums first makes dinner!


69 Sex Position


Bent 69 Sex Position

Bent 69

Inverted 69 Sex Position

Inverted 69

Kneeling 69 Sex Position

Kneeling 69

Reclined 69 Sex Position

Reclined 69

Sideways 69 Sex Position

Sideways 69

Sitting 69 Sex Position

Sitting 69

Standing 69 Sex Position

Standing 69

Split 69 Stand Sex Position

Split 69 Stand

Wrapped 69 Stand Sex Position

Wrapped 69 Stand