Kneeling Lap Dance 180 Position

Kneeling Lap Dance 180

In the 180 variation of the Kneeling Lap Dance position, the woman turns around so that she is facing her partner. This not only increases the intimacy, it also makes it much easier for men to help with the lifting, while providing women with some improved leverage to reduce the strain on their legs. This improved mobility makes for a much more explosive ride, and getting a close up view of her breasts bouncing will likely be a welcome perk for most men.

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For fun
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Totally agree with you, for me it's more of a spontaneous act. When my parents go up for the night, my bf and I may take making out to this level. He takes the hint when I'm in a short skirt and T shirt 😜.

Posted: 11 Apr 20:04

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New Wife
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Did this just last night. Awesome! Love that I can grind and rotate my hips with him so deep inside. Clit stimulation is amazing and coupled with the deepest penetration, it a sure thing every time!

Posted: 02 Apr 02:59