Lap Dance 180 Position

Lap Dance 180

aka: Reverse Lap Dance

The 180 variation of the Lap Dance position spins the woman around so that she is facing her partner. Although the wider positioning of her legs can decrease her comfort and mobility, the added intimacy of being face to face can make up for it. We recommend some cushioning under the man for comfort and to make sure to use a sturdy chair to avoid painful accidents!

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Chair sex is awesome. Make sure to use an armless chair with no rollers. Freedom of movement is very important and you also want the chair to stay put.

I really like it when my wife rides me but my favorite thing to do in this position is have her sit on me so that I am all the way inside her and then we just slowly grind. The pressure from her sitting on me adds to the pleasure tremendously. All I have to do to O at that point is take a firm hold of her buttocks and just push myself against her. Ejaculating with the aforementioned sitting pressure is amazing.

Posted: 03 Dec 17:39