Sinner Sex Position


At the head of the family, the Sinner position is a great place to start. Getting into the position is very easy, the man simply lies on his back, and the woman lies on her back on top of him with her legs on the outside, however, she will likely need to adjust her positioning for optimal penetration distance. Initial penetration should be relatively easy from the base position, but you could always start with her reclining from a seated position if you're finding it difficult to operate in the dark.

The only real downside is that the woman may find it difficult to contribute to the motion with her legs extended, so we recommend transitioning to the planted variation where her feet are closer to the action, and it is much easier to for her to help out.



Kneeling Sinner

Standing Rodeo

Lazy Rodeo

Tilted Sinner

Wrapped Sinner


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