Énergie Review

This toy was created by Natural Contours, a company that manufactures high quality personal products for women. The products sleek curves help to tone the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, located within the walls of the vagina. If performed on a consistent basis, Kegel exercises with the Énergie can enhance sexual pleasure, improve urinary incontinence and restore lost muscle tone due to aging and childbirth.

Description and Materials

The Énergie is an ergonomically barbell-shaped PC muscle exerciser that is designed to fit the unique curves of a woman's body; its wide arc and gently rounded tips feel entirely comfortable inside the body. The product is made of a high quality, anti-bacterial plastic, giving the highest level of hygiene. Moreover, it feels incredibly cool against the skin upon initial contact.

The device is 6 ½ inches long and weighs a full pound; this feature gives users plenty of resistance to work with. What is more, the curve of the shaft and the solid weight provides the user with the utmost control. Not only is it an excellent tool to perform the Kegel exercises with, it's also the perfect toy to stimulate the G-spot.

The Énergie is double headed, with one end being slightly more bulbous than the other; one measures 1 inch across and the other, 1 ¼ inches. A woman can start working with the smaller end first and switch to the larger one once she's more relaxed. Although it isn't advertised as such, because of its bulbous end the Énergie can also be used as an anal toy.

How It Works

Why would someone want to use a device to exercise the PC muscles? Although Kegels can be done at any moment of the day, without anyone else even knowing it, they can become tedious and mundane. Worst of all, some women may be unable to isolate this muscle.

Although it is the muscle that you use to stop and start urine flow, some women cannot contract it without contracting other areas of the body, such as the anus or the thighs.

Using the Énergie will create a focal point, where a woman has something to press her PC muscle against. Initially, the barbell may tip from one direction to the other, but contracting the right muscles will stabilize its position. Not only will the user have a distinct point to direct her concentration, she will be able to carry out various exercises as well as experience different degrees of resistance.

One of the best methods to begin using this item is prescribed in the enclosed instructions. Because regular use is crucial for successful results, prepare yourself to use the Énergie for a very short period of time, say five to ten minutes, every day. The heightened vaginal control will be well worth the effort and it won't take longer than a few weeks to feel the positive effects.

Who It's For

When people hear the phrase, "Kegel Exercises", one of the most direct associations is Ben Wah Balls. Although they are a very well known and popular method to exercise the pelvic floor, mainstream varieties may be intimidating because of their large size. Moreover, some women's vaginas are too small to comfortably wear them.

The Énergie will appeal to a variety of women. It's a nice starting point to work up to larger Balls and a great way to vary your pelvic floor exercises. (See our Lelo Pleasure Beads review to check a set out!)

Because the ends of the Énergie aren't very large, they'll be easier to slide into the vagina than Ben Wah Balls. Furthermore, the body of the toy is very rigid, which will give you more control to manoeuvre it inside of you. Kegels exercises can be done without any devices; however, they can be easier to perform with an item that provides resistance, along with a shaft to hold on to.


The Énergie is packaged in a style that is unique. It comes in a compact rectangular box that's covered in an opaque cardboard sleeve. The sleeve includes a true to scale picture of the device as well as a bit of basic information.

The toy is enclosed in a discreet, metal box, which is absolutely perfect to use for storage. The box has a tightly fitting lid and inside, it has a plastic cut out that fits the exact shape of the toy. If you move the box, the toy won't rattle around.


The cleaning process is extremely simple. The Énergie can be washed with hot water and mild, or anti bacterial, soap. Dry it off with a cotton towel and place it back into its case for storage.

Long Term Appeal

The Énergie has excellent long term potential and appeal. It is sturdy, well crafted, and the hygiene of the material is top rate. Although this device is entirely suitable for novices, those who are experienced in Kegel exercises will be interested and equally challenged.

Weighted Kegel exercisers, particularly ones with longer shafts, are by and large more expensive than the Énergie. The higher cost can mainly be attributed to higher quality materials, such as Lucite, glass, stainless steel and wood. So, the suggested manufacturer's price for this Natural Contours item is very reasonable.

Final Thoughts

Using the Énergie will require some concentration and consistent effort. However, the results from regular use will be both rewarding and pleasurable! We rate it an excellent 9/10.

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